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They might differ on the specifics, but for Republicans, President Biden is woefully mismanaging the crisis in Ukraine. And deep in the hellscape of right-wing handwringing is the unified theme that none of this could have happened under Donald Trump because Vladimir Putin was too intimidated by his American counterpart.

Yep, that wild claim—which conveniently forgets Trump's incessant praise for Putin, downplaying of Russian interference, and undermining of sanctions—has basically been playing on repeat for weeks over at Fox News.

--Mother Jones

If Trump had won the last election, by this time he would have given Alaska back to the Russians. Who knows what else...

mischl 8 Feb 23

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The hypocrisy of people who insist that "politics stops at the water's edge" when one of their own is in office, but declare open season on the other party's President, goes back at least to the 1940s and no doubt much further.


Republicans like to make money on wars. THAT is what really is going on. They’d be fine with WWIII getting started.


Personally I wouldn't be handling it the way he is. He's privy to a lot of shit I'm not. Would that stuff change my opinion? Possibly. But I think we need to take any and all measures to protect Ukraine.

That said, I don't agree with a single other thing the Republicans are saying.


Shit wouldn’t happen if Trump was in office.

Taiwan is next.

Let’s go Brandon


And just what should Biden have done differently?

(The only real suggestion I've heard was that he should have sent more Javelins.)


Alaska and a golden shower as Putin pissed all over Trump.


Please don't expect any Rethuglican to use his brains, for none of them have any.


Remember the embarrassment of Helsinki? He gave the dictator a political BJ right there in front of the entire world! Humiliating 🦧.

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