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Has anyone read the book "The Secret" and do you belive it?

The Secret is a best-selling 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne. It is based on the pseudoscientific law of attraction which claims that thoughts can change the world directly.

ebdb 7 Apr 24

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I didn’t read the book but watched the movie. I wanted to believe it was true. But, reality has proven that it’s a bunch of woo and just as stupid as religion

Yep! Wishful thinking does not a reality make!


I think that the correct technical term for that genre of literature is "bullshit".

Athos Level 5 Apr 24, 2018

A friend gave me a copy. It's bilge and hogwash, re-cycled New-Age garbage. I'll stop with that, b/c I could easily go off on a rant on this subject. (If you subscribe to the LOT AND have money, chances are high you also buy products from GOOP!)


We can wish the world ok? hasn't worked so far, but keep on thinking. No amount of thinking will ever accomplish anything, but even a little bit of doing can make a difference. But you have to get off your butt for that!


I started reading it and it made me so angry that I threw it out!!


I watched the film... and no. I think you are more likely to be successful, statistically speaking, as an optimist open to opportunity.. but I don't think there is some cosmic "law of attraction" that predisposes to fulfill the desires of "believers"... Unless you're talking about white privilege... that shit is real.



KenG Level 6 Apr 24, 2018

Otherwise known as "wishful thinking." Yes, I read it. The "law of attraction" has no scientific basis whatsoever, though it is cleverly named to give it some semblance of authority. As far as I'm concerned, "the secret" just a hyped-up version of prayer. Continuous positive assertion of one's wants and needs does have some merit in psychology, but this raises it to the level of abject superstition.


Manifest my own reality by thinking it into existence? BS! Certainly thinking positively can create a better mood and outlook, but that's all in the present moment. Any future moment is unknown.


Would not dream of reading it. Pure fantasy and snake oil.


I think there may be something to the positive thinking part at least, certainly. Positive happy people tend to be attractive to be around and seem to have a sort of good fortune in a way.

It wasn’t until rather recently that we even knew there were spectrums beyond what our eyes could see, sounds we could hear.. so could there be more to consciousness than that which we are aware of (today), I think it’s very possible sure.

But can I look at a check I wrote for $1mill and attract that money to myself, ummm that’s a bit of a tough pill to swallow. Will someone to fall in love with me too is a tough one as humans are a tricky bunch!

The movie gets a bit hokey but certainly has some interesting ideas in my opinion.


I have. No secret there. But good things to think about and a reminder to always keep an open mind and let answers come to you. Nothing mystic about it about it. It was largely BS and mis-titled.


I think that there is something to focused intention. The Secret made it out like practically all you need to do is wish hard enough and anything can happen. Having said that, has anyone ever read The Intention Experiment? The author presents what is, to me, some pretty compelling evidence, backed up with research data, that does seem to indicate that something is going on there so I won't totally close my mind to it. We DO have some solid, scientifically proven (many times) facts that established that our consciousness DOES interact with matter and the physical world so that can not be disputed. (See the double slit experiment...some good videos on YouTube. Also check out The Holographic Universe for some intriguing facts.)

In fact, as outlandish as it seems, there are some pretty authoritative scientists who, these days tell us that there is enough data to support the idea of our whole reality being one of consciousness! Who am I to argue with the "big guns"?

With all that inthe mind, I have had a number of highly remarkable events in my life that are either amazing coincidences, extreme synchronicities, or astounding coincidences.

I, for one, think it would be premature to judge that the world is nothing but a solid, cut and dried, purely physical reality.

I think belief, real belief, is a key component. (I utterly hate to bring up the bible here, so please forgive me, but there IS that quote about how with just a little faith you can tell a mountain to jump into the sea. Well, if it DOES turn out to be a universe of consciousness, all that that would take is enough conscious effort to accomplish.) So really, If there is anything to this idea (The Secret or any other way of manipulating reality) you can be darn glad that most of us on Earth either don't believe it or don't posses "the secret" of how to do it.

I'd add some examples that might illustrate the concept but I find that more often than not people get very dismissive and tend to ridicule thoughts that fly in the face of conventional "knowledge" (or their personal beliefs) so I'll hold off on that.

Maybe there IS nothing to it, but I reserve a little "wiggle room" rather than closing my mind.
Thanks for letting me ramble here.


I stay away from self-help books.


Obviously not because it's a secret !!!


I read the book and watched the movie.

I believe in positive thinking and in having a good attitude (in a non-supernatural way). We first need to believe we can achieve something before we actually do it. If we think we can not do something, we probably won't even try.

But the book goes too far. Thoughts cannot change the world DIRECTLY. Positive thinking only sets us up. The book relies on pseudoscience and supernaturalism. Too much woo woo for me to take literally.

As a side comment: religion is like that too. They start our with a good (humanistic) idea and turn it into a fantasy.


Nope. It’s bullshit.


If this and/or prayer worked, beggars would ride horses, wouldn't they?


Yes, I found it very interesting. I also enjoyed watching the extended version of, 'what the bleep'.


wish thinking makes people feel good, but it won't materialize a new car in your driveway, that takes effort or a lot of luck.


Can't be much thinking going on!!

Coldo Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

Short answer. Yes & no! Cute story, tho not as engaging as Castenada's books, but total woo, nonetheless!

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