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LINK Right-wing pastor attributes climate science to Satan and blames environmentalists for Ukraine invasion -

I wonder how people can be knowledgeable enough to successfully engage with others and also be dumb enough to speak trash like this.

In these QAnon times I'm seldom surprised any more but I am all too usually disappointed.
I was torn whether to point this at Religion or Politics or Philosophy when it's just gibberish.

RichCC 8 Mar 11

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So... some ignorant a-hole is using a made-up villain as a scapegoat to evade an uncomfortable truth (climate change) and blaming another group (environmentalists, who are likely primarily progressives) that he likely passionately hates for the Russian invasion. Just another liar and con man who spreads hate and ignorance as a means to increase their own wealth.


Ahhhh... the Internet teaches us so much.


Andrew Wommack is dangerously demented.


Just tell him that pet cats cause alien visitations, if you see him, will you.

You think I would risk angering the cat dogs? No way.🙂

Additional -- The Cats of Ulthar -- H.P. Lovecraft []


They are getting more insane each day

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 11, 2022

Insane, imo, is NOT the words most adequate enough to describe them , there best I can come up with atm is either deluded or Demented but any further suggestions are most definitely welcome.


"abandoning fossil fuels would further empower Russian President Vladimir Putin." Last time I checked, virtually all the people supporting Putin in the US were evangelicals like this moron.

Yes and how easy those Evangelicals managed to forget that their latest 'hero' Putin was a fully fledged member AND Operative of the K.G.B. an organisation that imposed upon ALL Christians, etc, in the U.S.S.R. a ruling that All Religions and Religious Services MUST be approved COMPLETELY by the Soviet Secretariat first and foremost, must NOT interfere with Work Schedules in any way, shape nor form and that 52% of monies raised by Churches through gifts, tithes, etc, MUST be paid to the State as well.


Do I laugh or do I cry? Both?

If you cry, don't use paper tissues, as they cause you to change race.

@Fernapple I'll just wipe my tears and nose on my shirt sleeves.

I wear a trench coat, and when my sister/best friend visits, she uses a sleeve. I've got the other sleeve if you need it.

@Holysocks thank you!


And we all know by now that jerking off too much will grow hair on your palms, and let’s not forget that excessive alcohol abuse by men will grow them big breasts. And by the way smoking Marijuana will turn you into a manic psycho……..just like you see in “Reefer Madness” These people are sick, they have severe mental issues and have no ability to deal with the real issues today.

They do nothing more than play on peoples fears, that’s all they exist for. And your always going to have naive and gullible sheep out there willing to listen and buy into it.


Words fail me.


I'm so sick of this bullshit.
Freedom of speech does not cover blatant lying.

Actually it does. I don't know how to shut such grifters up (it is likely an act to make lots of money) and insulting them will only bring more supporters. A friend used to say that the best revenge is living well and FL will soon be called The Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, the environmental damage can't be stopped so just applaud as FL sinks.

Friend, there are numerous 'versions/ definitions', so to speak, of a thing called " Freedom of Speech.
a) there is the RELIGIOUS version of which we are all only too aware where the Religiotard/s can say what they like and then claim that it was either God/Jesus or the Holy Spirit that spoke THROUGH them, aka, escape/excuse route Number 1 for all Faithfools,
b) Political speak version, which we ALL know and are fully aware of, and,
c) and there are ALL the other "versions" as we see utilized by Politicians, either on the State/National/International or the local Politics side of everything, in those 'scenarios' the rule of thumb is that what is said can be either, " taken with a grain of salt" or are merely to be viewed as being as reliable and useful as a bucket made from wire netting.
Of course there are almost countless other cases and usages but I have ONLY mentioned but a few.

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