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LINK New Rule: Apply Precision to the Pandemic | Real Time (HBO) - YouTube

Poking fun at America their priorities and how they handle things...

snytiger6 9 Mar 21

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I’d rather get my science from scientists than from comedians, thanks.

skado Level 9 Mar 21, 2022

Covid damaged Maher's stream of income, and watching Fox has rotted his brain, the same way it does to anyone else. He'd gone over the cliff with the GQP. He's picked up the Republican habit of lying with ease.

I like Bill enough to ask you to validate that comment 'He's picked up the Republican habit of lying with ease." I look forward to validating any lies from Bill.

@Robecology In his last show, he claimed the CDC said that you couldn't get Covid if you were fully vaccinated. I'm pretty sure they would never say that.


We learned a lot about our mistakes with HIV...and that was an S.T.D.; COVID19 was simply an air-carried viral infection. Big difference. This is over a month old...Bill's point was why aren't we more precise with out infectious disease targets...Yea, but....

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