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LINK Chinese officials punished for negligence after investigation finds couple with 15 children

During the investigation, authorities learned of a man named Liang Er, 76, and his “wife,” Lu Honglan, 46, who gave birth to four boys and 11 girls between 1995 and 2016.

Following the discovery, a total of 11 officials and personnel, including the head of Licun town in Rong County and the director of the local family planning station, were punished for neglecting their duties, local authorities said on Sunday.

(OK. I have always thought the Chinese could more easily control population by legalizing homosexuality and gay marriages. Gay couples could adopt unwanted daughters allowing opposite sex parents to try again for the desired son. The only thing stopping them is that Karl Marx was a homophobe. Well, I guess Chinese tradition is a bit honophobic too. Still, accepting the realities instead of striving for imaginary ideals would go a logn way.)

snytiger6 9 Mar 22

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Damn! I’m just impressed a 76 year old man could find himself a 46 year old wife! Let alone get it up enough to produce 15 kids (and that’s assuming the didn’t have more that didn’t survive)!

At the age of 75, he married 25-year-old Heather Harlan, an intern at one of his theatrical programs, on November 17, 1995. They lived in a Manhattan apartment and bought a vacation apartment in Key Biscayne, Florida in 2003. The couple had two children


@racocn8 the joys of being rich and famous. The idea of dating anyone that young gives me nightmares more than hot dreams!

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