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LINK Does Death Have to Be a Death Sentence? - Freakonomics

Great and important conversation. The end is beautiful. I think humans are hitting against a rare opportunity to make of those giant steps forward or perish. Those are the choices available to us. If we perish I would like to make it more dignified.

rainmanjr 8 Apr 8

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Death has no dignity and as far as we know at this time it is permanent.

We know very little. That's why "Know" is also spelled No. (This is an original thought, as far as I know, but go ahead and make it go viral. That would amuse me.)


If I have no fear of time before I was born, or even my actual first memories as a toddler.
Why should I fear the time after my last breath.
I think I fear becoming a near corpse and a burden like with dementia a thousand times more than I fear death.



could be a paragraph, but there just don't seem to be a whole lot to say about it.

You won. Entry's may continue to be submitted but the grand prize has been awarded. Congratulations, hankster. You've won a capital letter. LOL

@rainmanjr thank you, I'd like to thank all the dead folks that made this possible.


You are born to live and live to die.

I contest that anyone is born, either. We are the same electrons that we've been for some time.

@rainmanjr You are born from nothing, and when you die you return to nothing.

@xenoview I've been a nothing my entire life so I know from nothing. Least of all what actually happens after this vale of tears. I actually hope the Christian God turns out to be true so I can look Thou in the eye and tell Thou what I think of Thy. He can go fuck himself if this is true. My version is much less, um, scolding. If we are nothing then I expect it won't matter if we professed an idea which solves society's problems. The one's we've had for five decades and those of 2,000 years. The penalty for not declaring the 10,000 things an illusion of no moral consequence? (chuckling) There is no punishment other than remaining locked in this pathetic moral morass until we die. Seems a no brainer to me.

@xenoview A rather nihilistic view, no?

@Flyingsaucesir yes, but it's the truth about life and death.

@xenoview We make the meaning.

@xenoview It's just a bit egotistic to think you know the truth of anything. Or I. My theory may not be right but even more important for this reality because it would mean this will go on after us. Want to leave them something decent? Then we have to stop the petty squabbles of our time and focus on a very big problem. How to help people who are suffering and dying in our nation from climate changes. I don't mean by rebuilding, or FEMA support. We will have to act quickly, find open spaces for emergency housing, develop sustainable methods of food and water development, and many other very hard issues of survival. Or we can die being "right." I don't care because I think it's all an illusion.

@rainmanjr The entire concept behind christidiocy is nonsense.
At best, we are doomed to an eternal consciousness of praising the very thing that doomed us to that fate?


It doesn't matter how you die. It's a void of dark nothingness. As if you never existed in the first place.

So says you but I can't imagine on what authority.

@rainmanjr It won't matter.


Death is a natural part of life. In fact, it is essential. Imagine how uncomfortably crowded it would be if no one ever died. And how would there ever be any progress if old farts carried on for eternity? Perish the thought!

Our culture needs to do some serious navel gazing.

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