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Can any of you give me some good advice about this situation?

Lorajay 9 Apr 28

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You could try cutting a hole in the wall behind and going in through the back of the cupboard


Anybody think about the earthquake that caused that to happen in the first place? Bowls that heavy don't just turn overπŸ˜›

lerlo Level 8 Apr 29, 2022

Is there a side door that can be opened so you could reach over and resettle the dishes? Otherwise slide the door very slowly to the point you could get a hand in to hold the dishes.


You could pray, but we know how effective that is. πŸ™ƒ


Use a pillow to slide under to catch the falling dishes?


sell the house? πŸ™‚

lerlo Level 8 Apr 29, 2022

If the situation is as it looks if the door is opened the dishes fall and break. If you had a friend and they opened the door one could reach in a try to save as many as possible. Breaking the glass in the top of the door is an option, but then one would have to replace the glass as well as get the molding holding the glass in to fit again. One could get a platform and place it just under the door so when it opens they fall onto a soft cushion of foam rubber, that way some would fall onto the soft surface and the rest could be caught by someone who is quick acting. If I think of something else I will post.


My advice. Buy new dishes. Those will be broken soon.


Get someone to help and have them hold the bowls that are slipping into the gap. Then remove and re-stack the bowls starting from the bottom of the stack. Make at least two stacks so the problem doesn't recur.


I would break one of the top cabinet glasses, should be cheaper πŸ™„

Diaco Level 7 Apr 28, 2022

Wow! You’re in deep doo-doo! 🀭is the door sliding or opens out?

I don't know it's just a picture. It looks like it might be sliding but it also looks like there's a partition in between.


don't look at it. or lay the cabinet or house on its back before opening.


It's a dilemma. Dishes look like they are already falling.
You could cut a hole in the pane of glass to enable you
to reach up and prevent the dishes from falling.
Of course, after that you would need to reposition
a new pane of glass into the wood frame.


Put on your lifejacket & start lashing deck chairs together. NOW! ( reminds me of a scene from "Titanic", sorry)


Blame it on the cat.


Sliding door, no problem. Hinged door, oh crap.


Don't ever open the door.

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