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LINK Putin "Very Ill With Blood Cancer" Russian Oligarch Recorded Saying | The Independent

This is being reported in NY Post, Daily Mail and Newsweek which are not believable. UK's "The Independent" may be somewhat more reliable. He has an indication of some medical condition. A leukemia "diagnosis" from a random unnamed oligarch? Not believing this. I call bullshit.

"insider" is a more believable news source. That doesn't make the Putin cancer story factual, but it does make me believe some Russian oligarch might have said it. []cancer-report-says-2022-5#aoh=16525990201226&

Here's the link from New Lines, the source quoted by Business Insider. It goes into great detail, but it still doesn't mean Putin's dying or even very sick.

barjoe 9 May 15

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The only thing bad about that is that he will probably die before facing justice.

He'll never face justice.


This fits what I have suspected and it fits what many in our world would want. It may explain why Putin is not stepping up and it can be used to explain why he will step down. This remains to be seen of course. Will he still be living when he steps down?

Joseph Stalin's death was by natural causes.


Boy, that would be swell if it's true.


I am suspending judgment. I am forced to wait until Putin the Putrid is reliably reported as being dead.


Maybe those Buddhists are right about karma after all.

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