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Say you have ten billion dollars you can do anything with, how would you cure hunger for the world, or would you do something else?

dalefvictor 8 May 18

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10 billon will not do it..... First step: make sure women have equal rights everywhere.... It is the only example that works to get people out of poverty.... That includes control of births.

Elon told the UN he would give them 6 billion if they would open their books to scrutiny.... The criminal bastards said no. They are shitheads, just like the EU fascist government.'

Elon's companies are doing great environmental work... They employ more than 10,000 people, who therefore support 2-million through purchases, and taxes, for schools, and all the other stupid dem projects,....And nearly all those people donate to good causes.


I'm not sure if you could end world hunger with 10 billion dollars. Sure, you could end it for a while but eventually even 10 billion would run out. I don't think the problem is that there isn't enough food, the problem is that there isn't enough food in the places that need food.

If you simply ship food into areas where people are starving the food could get intercepted by the a corrupt government or a warlord or local criminals. And you can't just send in an armed escort into a country without permission.

Even if you ship agriculture equipment and teach the people how to farm whatever caused their hunger/food shortage likely still exists whether it's poor economy, war, civil unrest, corruption, etc. So in the end whatever you do is likely only temporary.

So, I'd probably distribute 90% of the money to charities I deemed worthy then spend the rest on living a comfortable life for whatever time I have left.


HEIFER International gets a big cut, plus I get all the fun of picking the animals, bees, etc etc etc.


Not sure about curing world hunger, but with $10b, I would build houses for the homeless in my town so that they have permanent addresses. I would also set up a business and employ them all and give them jobs that they can already do without much training so that they can start earning straight away and become financially independent as quickly as possible. And if everybody did that everywhere in the world... In an ideal world, of course. Lol

Ryo1 Level 8 May 19, 2022

"Curing" world hunger has less to do with money and more to do with education. People who continue to live in virtually uninhabitable places, need to move.


I would divide the 10B by the amount the FDIC insures, and deposit the 10B in that many banks. The banks of course would tell the IRS, who would find me want me and want me to pay taxes. Someday I would start figuring out what to do with what's left of the money.

I did not mention it, but since this is fantasy land, just asking for ideas, all the taxes have been paid.

  1. Strategically eliminate bad actors.
  2. Fund research to facilitate abortion and birth control.
  3. Fund research to figure out how to transition existing political systems into more equitable power structures, at all levels (using AI and game theory).

I'd donate to Progressive candidates nationwide, by properties and donate them to clinics battling addiction and to womens/Trans clinics for homeless women and transpeople. Invest in startup minority businesses. Stuff like that..


$10B is a hard number to get your head around. Musk was supposed to give $6B to the UN but it wasn't going to be enough to end world hunger. I think I would probably give $9B to the UN for that purpose and then change the lives of everyone I know and like with the last $B. It's not like anyone is every going to give me a sainthood, you know!

Great question, thanks for asking!


Be like Mackenzie. Don't be like Elon. []

Great that she is doing this but is it helping?

@dalefvictor It seems like she's asking the same question. She's giving to many diverse causes. She's pretty smart, she's one of the founders of and she had the good sense to divorce Jeff Bezos.


I would use that $10BN to find ways of ending hunger in the world.


Assuming there are about 1,000,000,000 hungry people in the world, you could spend $10 each on them, so you could cure hunger for probably a week at most.

BD66 Level 8 May 18, 2022

I was hoping for something a little more creative.

@dalefvictor $10,000,000,000 is not what it used to be.

@BD66 Let's say you have one hundred billion dollars. Many people were commenting that the people sending rockets into space should have used the money to cure hunger. How would you do this?

@dalefvictor It's late and I'm tired, so I would likely give it to the Bill Gates foundation and tell him to do his best.


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