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LINK Feds Decry Josh Duggar's 'Blame Tactics,' Say He's Likely to Reoffend

Federal prosecutors said in a court filing this week that the former reality TV star Josh Duggar has apparently convinced his friends and family that he is a "victim," and therefore will likely never be held accountable enough to seek treatment for his "sexual proclivities toward prepubescent girls."

Duggar was convicted last December of receiving and possession child pornography after a week-long jury trial. Duggar has maintained his innocence, and last week submitted a sentencing memorandum requesting the lightest possible sentence: five years in prison.

snytiger6 9 May 22

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Sick. And vile.


It's never ceases to repulse me that the "but I'm a good christian" excuse seems to work. I hope the prosecutor brings up his lack of remorse at sentencing.

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