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31 white supremacists arrested in Idaho where they were waiting in the back of a rental van wearing riot gear and planning on causing a riot durng an LGBT+ parade.


Beowulfsfriend 9 June 11

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Part of me wishes that such mental and emotional defectives were given a thorough kicking in the balls until they wised up. Another part of me wishes that they were sent to a Chinese style re-education camp to rid them of their sociopathy.


Glad it happened,

bobwjr Level 10 June 12, 2022

Glad the police were tipped off. Someone saw them leave the hotel in riot gear with their faces covered, and cram into the back of the van.

"They looked like a little army," the tipster told police.

The police followed the van and arrested them all. Zip-tied their hands behind their backs. Excellent.


Maybe they were the paid dancers?


It's extremely concerning that so many feel they have a right to commit this sort of behavior. I mean they must think this or why would they assume there would be no consequences? A lot of people from Idaho are very scary.


Must love Northern Idaho. Where all the rich and infamous vacation and White Pride rolls into town crammed into the back of a UHaul. 😎

Had they gone a little further, they'd have been more than welcome. Even Canada gives them a safe harbor (right across the Idaho border.)



How wretched to only be able to charge them with misdemeanors. They need serious jail time.

Agreed. How can conspiracy not be involved?

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