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Now that's funny...

We Can Reduce Gun Violence, Even Without New Laws


Dyl1983 8 June 13

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She's using cars as an example?
Cars require a driving test and a physical fitness test, as well as having strict age limits. Road users have to follow strict laws, including speed limits according to the area.
Sensibly, simply because one has a licence to drive a 5 seater family saloon car does not entitle one to drive a seven ton lorry. The test and conditions for that are far more stringent, and those for a road haulage truck and trailer are even more stringent.
So by all means lets apply similar conditions to gun use. A basic test for using a .22 calibre, single shot, sporting rifle, and then ever more stringent tests for increasingly potent weapons up to truly stringent tests and laws covering the ownership and use of assault weapons.

Petter Level 9 June 14, 2022

This person is 100% idiot.
"And we did this not by banning tobacco, but through a consistent and coordinated effort of approaching the public health problem from multiple angles. We launched massive education campaigns, we put warning labels on tobacco cartons, we passed policies (like nonsmoking and smoking areas)"
It was LAWS that used money from tobacco sales and lawsuit settlements that funded education campaigns and put warning labels on packages of tobacco products. And what in the holy fuck does this moron motherfucker think "passed policies" are if not laws?


The FBI were aware of both the Uvalde and Baltimore shooters. Thus, the idea of harvesting metadata to find the shooters (and a host of other kinds of crime) is sound, but acting on it is key. As long as the FBI is owned by the Family, don't expect them to do much protecting. Right now, they're all about getting the Jan 6 people prosecuted with minimal or no penalties.


The GOP has already passed laws preventing this.

Preventing public health information programs? I don't f'ing THINK so. If individual States can stop women's health providers....individual States can provide education about guns.

@LucyLoohoo Maybe states can, but the CDC has been prevented from even studying gun violence. And no doubt they will do this on a state level where they can.


Funny? Maybe not. It's something States can do and it HAS worked with smoking, etc. I'd support just about anything to make this damned gun violence better...wouldn't you?


Treat it like a public health crisis? It is one, is it not? However I will say be careful how things are labeled as a lot of folks rebel against the label rather than the effort itself.

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