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The governor of Oklahoma made the Asshole of The Month page in Hustler magazine for July. I think he probably has it framed hanging in his office! If the Republicans win the governors office in Pennsylvania in November Mastriano will make him look like a progressive.

Barnie2years 8 June 27

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bobwjr Level 10 June 28, 2022

I concur in your assessment of Mastriano, whom I met once before he began his political career. He has written two WWI-related books published by the University Press of Kentucky, and I was the person hired by the press to compile the indexes. He was peddling his biography of Alvin York at the 2014 Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort, and he struck me then as an arrogant asshole. However, I have since learned that the book has caused some historical controversy over possibly fraudulent citations, and the UPKY suspended further printings until these questions were adequately addressed. It finally decided to reissue the book with an errata list. I guess his shoddy research methods of bending the facts to fit the theory were a harbinger of his future GQP-er/anti-masker/election denier status. Once a dick, always a dick. []


Hustler still has a magazine?

BD66 Level 8 June 28, 2022

They are the last “men’s” magazine still publishing a paper magazine and it is certainly more graphic than Playboy ever was and Penthouse was for only a short period. But Flint was a progressive and risked his life to publish the magazine his way. His wife is carrying on the tradition. There are some interesting articles among all the beautiful pictures. I’m sure the new, theocratic Texas government will be doing their best to shut it down. Their governor was already Asshole of the Month a while back.😁


I was under the perpetual government of George C. Wallace in Alabama in the 60's and 70's.
He was the spiritual father of Darth Rush.
To quote him at his worst would be to repeat vile racist hate.
At his best he kept industry from entering his impoverished agrarian state.
He worked hard to keep everyones brain like potato.
It was different, like saying the pledge then bowing our heads to hear the teacher pray to Jesus, also getting paddled in the hall at any time at the teachers discretion.
This was in a public elementary school.


My Governor is a lying bullying thieving slime ball but I need to read it and find out why Hustler noticed.

He's a god-fearing Christian though that homeschools his kids so I'm sure he will not hang anything from Hustler in his office. He may keep a copy by the toilet to use when he masturbates though more than likely to the article instead of the pictures.

All that is true and they elected him anyway. Trump campaigned for him, what else could they do? uGH!!

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