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Biden is starting to display more and more signs of mental decline. It's fun to mock politicians, but this is sad. However, it poses important political questions.
The Chain of Command is President, Vice-President then House Speaker. If Biden is not able to command, then what should be done?
Additional question: If Harris becomes POTUS, who becomes the Vice-President?

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puff 8 June 28

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What are these signs of "mental decline"?


I was saying since the Dem primary season began for the last prez election that Biden had obvious dementia. Nice to see someone else bring it up again. Harris couldn't do anything worse in the next two years, tho I think she is just as corrupt as him and I hate her just as much. I have no doubt, tho, that if she did finish his term, there is no way she would be elected on her own to succeed him. America is still not ready to elect a Dem woman prez, esp. not a black one, after the way so many white Americans lost their shit over Obama being elected. I didn't want Biden or Harris, I wanted Bernie, so in two years I don't know who I will support for prez, probably hold my nose, as I usually do and vote for the Dem nominee as a lesser evil, unless we finally get a third party candidate that can poll high enough to get into the presidential debates. But it doesn't matter much, because my vote in the red state of Iowa will have no impact on who wins the electoral votes from my state.


If he can't do his job (which he clearly can't even ride a bicycle) then the next logical step is to pass leadership over to the vp

Tejas Level 7 June 29, 2022

Ate you so stupid you did not notice that bicycles pic was Poorly photoshopped?

hes doing lots better than the last fool

@AnneWimsey well it was a video for starters, so that destroys your entirely made up argument. Try not to lie when defending your politics. It makes you look very bad and stupid.

@whiskywoman Biden is no "Izmennik" like Trump.


Sorry, this survey doesn't include an option I can choose. That's how they construct surveys in MAGA world.

In the U.S. it's called a PUSH POLL.

Kind of like 2 shit choices for president?

@Tejas sorry you felt that way. But I understand: you're in Texas.

@BitFlipper my location is irrelevant. I would have had the same two choices in any state.

@Tejas my comment was apparently too nuanced for you. To be more direct: Texans are short-sighted, unintelligent, and easily fooled. That explains your low opinion of Hillary.

@BitFlipper if you believe in generalizations as such, and believe someone must be all those things to have a low opinion of the democrat party in general. Then I'd say "look in the mirror friend"


I vote for you as Chief Fool


If this and then that and then this after that but before this then what then?

Do you agree with this statement or disagree with it?

I cast my vote for yes or no and maybe or maybe not but I'm unsure.

No point planning ahead for anything then, let's just react when it happens. And when it happens, act all surprised eg "No-one could have forseen what would happen" like Afghanistan.

@puff Plan ahead? Go buy some survival food and solar appliances? What planning? You sound like a doomsday idiot. Seriously, plan for what? How exactly would Biden dying in office affect me in such a way that I'd need to plan and strategize for it? C'mon @puff, be real.


Huh? Biden is a figurehead, he's just a loyal party apparatchik doing what the War Party and War Profiteers want.


Let's see your evidence that "Biden is starting to display more and more signs of mental decline".

I have no evidence, but am not the only one expressing concerns he seems to be declining. Yes many of the opinion pieces are nasty but I don't find mental decline in anyone particularly funny, more sobering.
I do think pessimistically ie think worse scenario so hopefully my impression is wrong and Biden is fine. But it is not being unrealistic that there is a possibility it is happening. Another 2 years, will he make it and what happens if he doesn't is all I'm asking. There is precedent with the WH hiding presidential health issues but this online/ information age makes that virtually impossible, so wondering what the options are.

@puff The problem is that you didn't base your question on the possibility of his mental decline, you represented it as a fact. It is not a fact unless you can support it with evidence. Therefore your question is unanswerable because it is based on a faulty premise.

@puff absolutely! Word came from the Kremlin for all MAGAs to repeat this.

As an Independent I voted for Biden and am glad I did. The effects of his policy for Ukraine has been far more effective than I could ever dreamed. As it is shaping up, Global politics and power balance will be changed for the better for decades (in Biden-ese...This is a big fucking deal!). I am pretty satisfied with his performance...except for the debacle of taking Kamela as VP. Big mistake there. If he had have picked someone better suited for the job (like when Obama pick him for VP to negotiate deals in his stead), things would likely be better. As it is we have a lame-duck VP. That said, I did and do have concerns about President Biden's health (but then I have concerns about my own, and I am much younger and healthier). The US has had many great Presidents that were very ill during their terms, and they saw the Nation through hard times to greatness. So I have little problem with President Biden's health. Though I do want a better VP next time.

Biden is a hell of a lot more cognizant than Reagan was. And Trump is just plainly insane.

@Reignmond What's your problem with the VP?


Your whole premise is nothing more that vicious bull shit!

As a betting man, I like the odds of my premise.


Rationality is not sign of mental decline. He’s not as sharp or witty Obama, his humor is a little off, sometimes way off. But he’s got another 10 years easy in my opinion.

Garban Level 8 June 28, 2022

Sorry, I cannot agree at all on his mental abilities. Haven't you noticed how he can't do live press conferences and answer any tough, unexpected ?s,,,,? The other commenter above said it brilliantly, he is just the figurehead for his corporate donors who he was speaking to when he said, "Nothing will fundamentally change" if he was elected prez. That is the one campaign promise he has kept. Too bad it was to his donors in private, rather than any of the ones he made publicly to the voters....

@TomMcGiverin have you ever seen any politician answer direct questions with direct answers?

@Garban It's not about direct answers, he won't even subject himself to the ?s that are not already ones he is prepared for. When they ask him something he is not prepared for, he just walks away and ends the conference. The pols who are still mentally functioning normally, stay with it and come up with some spin or BS. He is too mentally off to be able to do that.


IYO? In your opinion?

Show us your reasons.

Observation in his speech mainly. He does not give the impression of being totally switched on mentally or physically. Dementia is a horrible disease and there can be rapid declines. I do not see the same man speaking as I saw in the presidential debates or even 6 months ago.
It's concerning and I would hope the question I pose is above party politics eg with Ronald Reagan & Roosevelt, they hid it ie was that the right move?

@puff He stutters. That's not dementia.

@Organist1 Not his stutter, but lack of sentence structure. He was far more articulate even in the presidential debates 2 years ago

@puff He's got a lot more on his mind now than he did two years ago. I see a man obviously trying to be as transparent as possible while needing to speak carefully. That causes him to start on something and stop ("Well, anyway..." ) or have to remember something not readily available to his mind. Nothing unusual in that kind of stuff. Jesus christ on a Graham cracker, we need to give this man a break. He has done extraordinary things for us, including ending our longest war (and getting a lot of flack for a perceived failure about it), and the popularity falls. That's rather disheartening, I imagine, and might make a man even more cautious to be understood.

@rainmanjr Not attacking Biden the man, addressing a quite possible scenario America may face in the next 2 years regarding the POTUS.

@puff "You're fooling yourself if you don't believe it." - Styx.
Whatever your intent the effect is to degrade confidence or support in him. Inventing a thing to worry about two years from now, or even one day, is pointless and merely produces anxiety (for many who buy into it). Let's try to express more support and maybe his popularity number will improve. Um-kay?

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