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If the Republican party is ever again be seen as a sincere, respectable party, honest and patriotic Republican politicians and voters are going to have to vote Democrat this time to purse the characterless charlatan politicians s from the party,. It might mean at least 4 to 8 years out of power, but that is what it will take.

wordywalt 9 June 28

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They would never. All they care about is power at any cost. It's why the evangelicals held their nose and voted for a philandering rapist.


The last time a third party got an electoral vote was George Wallace. By splitting the democratic vote, we got Richard Nixon


Their base is so brainwashed, that isn’t likely to happen. And midterms usually increase the minority party’s representation. This time, that will mean a nightmare for the rest of us.


While those in power continue to exploit the fears and ignorance of the masses it is simply not going to happen.

You are correct for the first time. The Democrats who control the Federal Government are exploiting fears and ignorance.

The current Democratic margin is so slim that Repblicans can easily block any Deocatic legislative action they want to.


Democrats definitely need a brave new charismatic leader who will articulate how to get what people really want. Someone with a hard driving message that can't be drowned out by guns, illegals and abortion.

Bill Clinton with his "New Democrat" story that unfortunately actually helped the oligarchy along won with his "it's the economy stupid" motto. He even had a Democratic Congress initially.

I'm waiting breathlessly for the ONE.


Prolly not.

@Garban Beto? Seriously?


I’m hoping for a schism. A 3 party system would not be the end of the world.

Garban Level 8 June 28, 2022

I'm hoping the third party is a break off from the Republican party then maybe just maybe we would have a chance. Of course we would need third party Senate candidates as well.

@Lorajay Which is so complicated I can't imagine the MAGA voters even beginning to comprehend it.

@Garban Don’t hold your breath.


Are you serious? They:re about to cheat their way to a PERMANENT one-party majority and set up an oligarchal theocracy (or theoligarchy, as I brilliantly put it) and you expect them to suddenly jump ship?!?
You are seriously deluded.

Can you possibly express yourself without insults?

@LucyLoohoo Yes I can and I just did, didn't I? From my point of view, the Republicans deserve every insult submitted. They've sent progress into full retreat, ruined things for many, hurt many, destroyed dreams of a better world, at least for now.
But I certainly am not insulting you personally! I don't blame you for hoping for the best, and it may work out that way. I hope so and that'd be great.
But while there IS much progress in some ways, it APPEARS there is also much of which to depair. To me it looks like, roughly, a dead heat but with a slight edge to the bad things. And that's a shame, and brings out the bitter, the sarcastic, the anger, in me.
That has nothing to do with you, though, or any other one individual.
I myself HOPE for the best, as do you. Things could yet work out. But right now I have my doubts. That's all I'm saying.

You are wrong. I know Republicans who detest Trump anbd Trmpite support.

@wordywalt True, true, but they vote for him anyway as the "lesser of two evils." How could anyone NOT detest him? And I don't care WHAT they think of him, I detest THEM too! A pox on all of them! In my book, if you're not at least SONEWHAT left-of-center, you're a turd.


How long are Democrats going to run purely on a "We are not Trump/ GOP" platform? Last time against a psycho nutter, that strategy only just got them over the line. As the party in power, they will need more than that to win again.

puff Level 7 June 28, 2022

I agree. It's just that Republicans keep electing HORRIBLE presidents, from Reagan (why was HE not impeached?) to George W., to Trump. And next time, I predict, it'll be someone even worse like, say, Ted Cruz or Rob Portman! Omg, it'll REALLY be all over if that happens!


I won’t hold my breath.

skado Level 9 June 28, 2022
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