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LINK Rabbi fighting Florida's anti-abortion law is on a mission to help religious groups challenge 'theocratic tyranny'

Attack this miscarriage of justice (puns intended) on every front. There are many roads to SCOTUS. "I have not begun to fight"
John Paul Jones PATRIOT!

Mooolah 8 June 29

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If he is a rabbi, he believes in the Old Testament, the Torah, and Adam and Eve and the seven day creation bull shit, and, and, and---- He is already so full of bull shit that it wouldn't matter what else he believes in.

I don't care what he believes. If he succeeds in giving the State of Florida a much deserved public spanking then good on him.

@anglophone Quite true!!

Jewish law requires saving of the mother over the fetus.


The Christian supremacists of Florida are well overdue for a public spanking.

Yes, 'taking away peoples rights, breaking the civilized laws----- make them drop their drawers, and give them a much-deserved, severe, public spanking.

I would rather we vote them out but I have my hands full here in Wisconsin the frozen tundra, which isn't so frozen any longer.

@Mooolah Well, I am north of you, an' the "frozen tundra" ain't frozen anymore. When I was young, a hundred years ago, I didn't polish my car in January; there was NO NEED for artificial ice. But hey, oh hell, there is no global warming!


Good to see some of them finally speaking out and calling it for what it is.

Budgie Level 8 June 30, 2022
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