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Diamond and Silk

Am I the only person who has been living in a vacuum and didn't know that Diamond and Silk existed until DT's unhinged yammering happened on FOX yesterday?

AmelieMatisse 8 Apr 27

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I don't know what you are talking about.


Knew nothing about Diamond and Silk until this week.


I believe you must be living on vacuum. Come into the right light. It's ok. Koolaid is in the corner.


He, he, he, ha, he, ha. Is that a new hip hop group with dragon energy or something like that?


I have ignored them in the past when they showed up on little TV news blurbs.


DT was yammering about them a week or two ago. Previous to that, I had never heard of them. Seeing as they have his support, doubtful that I care to listen to their voices, can only take his in very, very, very small doses.


Never heard of them.. maybe they're the front band for nugent'??? Lol


Eh, I remember them from the campaign days. A lot of sound, very little substance.


Apparently we both have.... If anything then it has been on different vacuum ???


I've no idea what that is.

Stones and stockings me dear !

Yeah... what ^ she said.....

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