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Is being gay natural?? poll up so vote!!

I understand that LGBTQ is not a sin but how many people view it as unnatural?

Gay natural or not natural?

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AtheistPeace666 3 July 11

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Homosexuality isn't a mistake of nature, not a change in the genetic code, and not a psychological illness or trauma. Human homosexuality is as common as animal homosexuality. Few people know this exists in nature, not only with us but with an intelligent species. Anyone can be gay and doesn't need to be accused of something or try to cure it. An absolute gay who isn't bisexual, of course, can live his whole life with a partner of the other sex and even have kids. But psychologically, it'll be hard for him, I think. In his place, I'd constantly had thoughts of suicide. And I'm glad that now people are more sexually literate and begin realizing their sexual needs much earlier. It's very important to study inclusive language resources that help to study this topic.


I used to believe that there were no dumb questions, I stand corrected.

  1. This is not silly random fun, it is a serious topic to those that are affected or their loved ones are affected.
  2. It is pretty much settled science that sexual attraction is hardwired.
  3. There is no such thing as sin, or not sin.
  4. Pick where you post better next time there are many forums that this would be an acceptable question.

Looks like a troll to me. But I'll play.

Bait with a ridiculous loaded question, and turn off the app until you're a level 5. I see you playa.


I don't understand why you thought this question would fall under "Silly, Random & Fun"?

Lauren Level 8 July 12, 2022

Newbie or troll.

All lovers can be silly random and fun .... but not my category choice here.... I am not gay but appreciate both gay men and any woman wanting to love me.... what is most natural is what our eyes desire our taste enjoys our nose leads and our ears hear lovers asling for love


None of your beeswax.....why, exactly, do you give a rat's ass?


Jason Collins and Jarron Collins are identical twins. They have exactly the same genetic makeup.

Jason Collins is gay.

Jarron Collins is straight.

Therefore we cannot conclude that being gay or being straight is 100% genetic. It's a function of both genetics and environment.

BD66 Level 8 July 11, 2022

There are even more aspects to Nature than genetics and environment.

Can I ask what you mean by 'environment' in this context?


Homosexuality, & other variations, are found in many different animal species, including ours. Can't get more "natural" than that. There is a spectrum, especially among humans, of where one falls sexually/gender-wise (I doubt it's a simple bell-curve, but it won't be a strictly either/or). Also, how some people view this (& I can't believe a few have voted "unnatural"!) really doesn't matter as they should tend to their own knitting (pun intended). Sorta like just 'cause someone "believes" in Jehovah, or that vaccines cause autism doesn't make it true.

Hell, I "believe" that those that find gender/sexual fluidity as unnatural are quite unnatural.

Also, this poll was phrased incorrectly as pointed out by @ChestRockfield.

“natural” and “genetic” are not interchangeable.

@MsKathleen Not interchangeable. You have a square/ rectangle situation. Everything that's genetic is natural, but not everything that's natural is genetic.


Kinda like having a poll about "Is the Earth flat?" or "Is water wet?"


Fix your poll; that's not a yes or no question.


Neither. It is genetic. And none of my business.

Isn't that which is determined by genetics by definition natural?

@ChestRockfield not colloquially. Since the original poster didn’t specify the meaning of “unnatural”, I could only assume a colloquial usage. But to answer your question, no.

@MsKathleen I didn't say the word "unnatural"...

@ChestRockfield sorry…the original poster…edited for accuracy.

@MsKathleen Colloquially (or really any other way), 'natural' means occurring in nature, not man-made or synthesized. If something occurs as a result of genetics, I can't think of a scenario in which you wouldn't classify that as natural save for an as of yet undefined process in which humans could induce genetic mutations that would cause homosexuality, but even then it would just be a human recreation of an already natural process. (That would be like saying that tomatoes grown in your hydroponic garden weren't natural because you planted them and tended them.)

@ChestRockfield I disagree. Colloquially, in general people regard anything different from the “majority norm” to be “unnatural”.

@MsKathleen he is the worst kind of troll Atheist here sent me a 250 word threatening private message and has changed his fake name at least 3 times here ...he is paranoid sociopathic and intolerant of Feminist Atheist men he is in Ohio claims to be a healthcare worker claims he has "friends" wrote this profile for him.... I think all women should BLOCK HIM...maybe then he will find an Atheist therapist to help him learn humanity recant narcissistic manipulation of women

69% of Americans wear corrective lenses, so colloquially, we think not wearing man-made lenses is unnatural?
I suppose that means people think eating organic vegetables is unnatural, but fast food, Cheetos, and Coke are totally natural?
Shall I start on colors of skin that are not the "majority norm" being unnatural?
They might call it unusual or out of the ordinary, but I think it's a hopefully small, bigoted section of society that would use the word 'unnatural'.

@ChestRockfield you are practicing false logic here.

@GreenAtheist Thanks, I will.

@MsKathleen How so?

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