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LINK Missouri Law Makes It a Felony for Homeless to Sleep on State-Owned Land

(Reminiscent of old vagrancy laws, where the jails were filled with the poor, just for the crime of not having money.)

A new Missouri law makes it a crime for the homeless to sleep on state-owned lands, like under bridges and overpasses.

    Gov. Mike Parson signed the bill into law over objections from his own administration that it would harm the homeless.
    he law also dictates that cities can only use state funding for temporary shelters, not long-term housing.
snytiger6 9 July 18

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Fuck up the economy so there are little to no good paying work, then have the cost of housing go off the roof and then throw people into jail and fine them for not having a home and a job. Good way to treat your people, vote these bastards out of office. Allow them to become homeless, oh wait that cannot happen as they have the Congress retirement plan.

A lot of these city/county homeless hassle laws are more o encourage people to move to other towns as much as anything else. And Conservative run cities love to point to Liberal cities who have major homeless issues to justify the need for such laws.

@Barnie2years The Repubs treat the homeless just like they treated blacks during the Jim Crow days, when lots of towns had sundown laws for blacks, as in "get out of town before sundown", along with other laws against the homeless, where they would be "Warned out" or told to leave town because they had no money. This was something that began during the Great Depression, when lots of white drifters came across the country looking for work.


It's all about the cruelty...


Where the fuck are they supposed to sleep? There already aren't enough beds at religious shelters where they make you listen to their Christian bullshit in exchange for a place to sleep.


The Sans-logis will only continue to grow in numbers. As will their rage swell, until it explodes!

And when it does, I hope they kill a few smug, upper class Repub supporters who still feel invincible out on the streets without bodyguards.

@TomMcGiverin I think the rich are well away of what happened with the French Revoution, which is why the right wing takes such pains to dominate the media.... to control what people think and who they blame.

@snytiger6 You're right. They know the lower classes have every reason to hate them, but the corporate media that the rich own does a great job of teaching the lower classes to scapegoat, fight among themselves over race and identity politics issues and wedge issues like abortion, so that the lower classes never focus on the class war and who their real enemy is. The corporate media also plays along with the two major parties to make voters think the solution is only within voting for the two major parties as the only choice and that the duopoly will somehow solve the economic inequality and improve the economic lives of the peasants. And like Lucy and Charlie Brown, both major parties will pull the football away on economic reform for the masses, no matter what they promise in the election season.


I guess if they are in jail, the Right considers that low cost housing and a way to get easy tax dollars out of private jails.

Yeah, the for profit prison system has a hand in this...


Well, that should really turn their lives around!


A load of crap that won't help prevent homelessness. And, the threat of taking funds from cities which won't enforce as they fucking know it is heartless and won't work.

I don't think they are trying to prevent homelessness, so much as they are trying to make it as invisible as possible. ... Not to mention it helps fill those for profit prison s.


That's just draconian.

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