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LINK Court OKs sale of 43 Catholic Church properties to settle sex abuse claims

Court OKs sale of 43 Catholic Church properties to settle sex abuse claims | Rosary beads on money
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The Catholic Church will have to sell off dozens of properties in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador in order to raise money to pay settlements for victims of child sex abuse. It’s the latest twist in a decades-old saga—and only a few of the buildings will likely remain Catholic churches under new ownership.

Hard to feel much sympathy for the Vatican, though, given how long they’ve dragged their feet over this matter. ...

snytiger6 9 July 19

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Anyone wanna buy a 1957 model Catholic Church? I think I got that from Lenny Bruce.

Might be fun to turn one into a gay bath house (sex club).

Probably would not have make very many changes...

They are usually well built and make great workshops.


Just 43? They got off cheap.


No pity either. Let's hope the buyers put tax money into their economy as well.


Church resale values are kind of iffy. I wish they'd make them sell some of their Catholic hospitals so people can start getting adequate parental planning procedures in them.

Within the last 3 years they have bought five municipal hospitals in Oklahoma. This forces many people who want vasectomies or tubal ligations go as much as 100 miles to get the procedures done. But of course there is the instance of rape victims and pregnancy.


At least the Canadians haven't got an increasing zealous pro religious government, yet. Be interested to see how that would work here.

We would have to convince white "Christian" men that they are not automatically entitled to political power merely because of their particular combination of race, religion, and gender. Good luck with that.


Good! Now revoke their tax exempt status. 🙂


Sue the entire rcc into bankruptcy and oblivion.

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