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LINK Tiverton restaurant receives backlash for Anne Frank social media post | ABC6

Piece of shit motherfuckers. Are they that hateful or just stupid? They full well knew what the "joke" was, they just didn't think anybody would care.

barjoe 9 July 26

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I'm sure they wouldn't have made that comment if some of their own relatives had been taken away by the Nazis. Disgusting attempt at humor.

There relative probably WERE the Nazis..




Companies that are new to a technology (social media) may initially designate the management of those things to idiots. The person who posted it may have been whoever the manager was dating that week.

Or, maybe the place is owned by MAGAts and they just thought this was funny, not expecting a backlash. Let's not blame his girlfriend. They're Nazis.


Wait! Poor Taste is trendy now?

Trump’s election blew the lid completely off good taste! Made rude and crass sought after qualities to be admired. 😢

@Barnie2years where is the tearful emoji.....

@AnneWimsey on the iPad keyboard.


Sick and stupid. Sucks to be them.


Geezus H. Krist. The backlash needs to include lashes.


Are they giving out free MAGA hats too?


So launch boycotts against Atlantic Sports Bar & Restaurant. Form picket lines in front of their ovens and make them go cold.

I assume they've had to shut down their social media, their Yelp reviews have probably been blown up and disabled. This could conceivably destroy the business

@barjoe Great by me.


I would say both stupid and hateful and their ignorance probably won't get fixed.

Neither will the hate.

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