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I am truly sick of rudeness, misogyny, and crappy behavior. Today I asked one of the guys working in my neighborhood to move his truck off my front lawn. They need to use it to access another area and bring in supplies. No problem there but moving it afterwards shouldn't be an issue. Instead of just moving the truck he called me a "Fucking bitch".

MizJ 8 Aug 2

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looks like its time for a tow truck. also making a phone call into the office of whatever company he is working for might provide you some semblance of revenge.


I would have denied them future use of any part of my property.

It's common land owned by the association technically, that doesn't give tradespeople the right to damage it or be disrespectful.


My manager has said to me to stop being so nice. Yet I achieve far more being nice than she does intimidating people - she's ex-police.
Now some women are 'bitches', but that is because of who they are not because their reproductive system is internal! However, in a work environment, be professional.
I treat people equally regardless of what sex or gender they are. Most people in my field of work are female.


Well he was a good advert for his companies competence and professionalism, at least you now know where not to go when you want work done.

@Sofabeast This is how I deal with tradespeople that I haven't met. I talk to them in my garage where there is a chop saw (compound mitre saw), circular saw, drills, etc. in plain view. Most start by asking if my husband will be joining us. I tell them I am single and determine whether or not I detect them rolling their eyes. We discuss the project and if they talk to me as if I am an ignorant child I begin to get frustrated. Do they think those tools are just for decoration? If they ask if I know about construction it's fine, assuming I don't is not fine.

Had I been a man most likely he would have been far more respectful and possibly even apologized.

@MizJ I fail to understand why anybody would associate gender with the ability to use tools. My wife is quite handy with a chainsaw!

@anglophone It's the 21st century! I actually laughed at one of the idiots then told him to leave. Even my father got scared a couple of times. Once he needed baseboards and when I brought the chop saw ha asked who was coming to do them. Another time I replaced a toilet and had to call the handyman son of one of his friends to convince my father I was capable.

I stayed at my aunt's house for a few weeks abut a decade ago. She was very much into women's rights yet also needed convincing. I got tired of listening to the toilet running and got a repair kit. She was almost shaking thinking I would flood the house or something. Ten minutes later we sat there the sound of silence and laughed like hell.


Did you report him to his company? He has to be fired!

I reported it to the condo board that will likely do nothing.

@MizJ why would you think, for one second, that the condo board would have any idea what to do about it?
The proper place to complain is to his boss and/or the Company Owner (which is public record.)

@AnneWimsey I was leaving my house and didn't get any information about him unfortunately. The board should know who is working here. If all that comes from it is that company not getting any more work here it's better than nothing.


Have it towed

I understand that ripping out the air valves on the tyres can be quite effective.


Does he work for somebody else? Did you get a vehicle registration number? Did you see a telephone number?

The world is full of emotionally defective people. and I am sorry that he did that to you.

I reported the incident to the condo board. If anything gets done about it I will be shocked.


Totally reasonable request that shouldn't even have needed to have been made, like you said. I am finished taking other peoples' crap. His Supervisor and I would have had a discussion that would have gone on until there was resolution satisfactory to me. I'm sorry this happened to you.


I would have gotten my mower out and started mowing rocks aimed at his fucking truck.

We have a service that mows all the lawns. Twice my sliding glass door has been broken and they had to get it fixed. That slider has hurricane glass now, last week they hit another slider but didn't use big enough rocks to break it.

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