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For some reason, I have just been blocked from the conservative atheist group lol.

They are up in arms about the FBI raid of Mara lago.

Some of the Congressional Republicans are too. Since Trump appointed the FBI director perhaps he actually is at least impartial.


Lorajay 9 Aug 10

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My dog is smarter than that bunch....


Conservatives love law and order. Until they don't.


I got blocked by them and I never posted or commented. MAGAs are the true supreme snowflakes.


Congratulations! If you say anything rational or logical in their group, their nazi leader instantly blocks you so you don't confuse all the bitch-ass-snowflake members who are accustomed to living in a pure echo chamber.


I was blocked months ago by the conservative atheist group when I laughed like a drain at one of their more absurd posts. I am quite happy to let them enjoy the filth of their own mental swamp.


If he has done nothing wrong, why would it matter that the FBI looks through his safe ?

The CA’s here know djt did wrong and cannot bear that truth.


You were a member? Anyway, wear it as a badge of honour. They mostly seem to be a bunch of rednecks.

I think once I wanted to answer one of their posts so I joined. I can't believe I even bothered to answer one of their posts.


Wray doesn't have to be impartial. Just do his effing job. I have it in for Wray because the assault on the Capitol could not have happened without the FBI failing to adequately alert the other leaders. Had he warned as he SHOULD HAVE, the National Guard would have no excuse not to be on hand. Wray has not been credible in his testimony regarding his and the FBI's response to the internet traffic leading up to Jan 6. Wray's utter failure demonstrates complicity in Trump's sedition. Just as we saw with the Secret Service, the Army, and members of Congress. This plot is deep and broad, and they all deserve to be fired, tried and jailed for 20 years. Every effing one. (But I know we'll be lucky to see 1% of that).

And you may have caught the Congressional hearing demanding that Wray properly report the status of the investigation into why Kavanaugh didn't get vetted.

Wray is a psychotic ultra-conservative, so partisan he politicizes the whole FBI, and not in a good direction. He is definitely NOT impartial, but it's possible that he may not support Trump (any longer).


A conservative/atheist here is more conservative than atheist. He told me he would rather have a religious government than a Democratic government.


I haven’t had the stomach to go look at Slug. I bet it’s a dumpster fire right now.

skado Level 9 Aug 10, 2022

Seriously--why would you look at it?

Anthropological purposes. 😁

@skado That's the only possible faith in you is restored!

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