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How big are Donald Trump's legal problems?


xenoview 8 Aug 15

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Try massive.


Like a snake he'll find a way to slither out of his troubles. Too many supporters in Congress and the Senate will not allow the cases to lead to prosecution. It is a real (bleep) show.

Betty Level 8 Aug 16, 2022

How BIGLY do his problems range? How much shit can a malignant narcissist create? How much ignorance can his cult enjoy? How much of this madness can our nation endure?


The DOJ needs to punish tRump for breaking the law.


Donald trump's legal problems are not big enough - they need to be really BIGLY!

The problem is...they will all somehow fade away.

@Betty Given the political dynamite that all this represents, I would hazard a guess that the DOJ thinks it has got a pretty watertight case against the Tangerine Turd.

@anglophone He will chose a jury trial "if" it reaches that point. You can be sure they will want as many favorable jurors as they can get. It will end either in a hung jury or an acquittal. If by chance it doesn't then there will be appeals all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme court is stacked with Republicans that owe Trump. By the time it reaches there, evidence will either be compromised, go missing, or be inadmissible. I'm sure Trump has "dirt" he can use to persuade a favorable outcome. He'll then go around spewing that it was all a "Witch Hunt" and this proves it. That is my prediction.


More than anything, Trump's ability to defer problems into the future is a fundamental failure of the U.S. Just as a defendant has a right to a speedy trial, the state/society SHOULD have the same expectation to speedily prosecute wrongdoing done by the wealthy. Having lawyers file endless motions provides a loophole for psychopathic criminals to evade justice, at the expense of the rest of us.

(oh well, real justice is a fantasy...).

And you can be quite certain Trump has "dirt" he can use to his advantage.

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