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LINK Leaked investigation into New Zealand's ARISE Church reveals widespread abuse

An independent review of abuse and misconduct by New Zealand’s ARISE Church has finally been leaked online after repeated attempts by church leaders to formally suppress the material. The report, which was put together after speaking with 545 people connected to the evangelical megachurch, details numerous instances of sexual and physical abuse, financial shenanigans, and straight-up racism. It also calls on the church’s entire board to resign.

The public only began to learn some of these details in April, when journalist David Farrier began writing about the megachurch shortly after the downfall of the Australian megachurch Hillsong and its leader Brian Houston. Farrier pointed out that ARISE had a dozen satellite locations throughout New Zealand, an eight-figure budget, and a membership of over 10,000 people. Yet its leader, John Cameron, wasn’t a major public figure. Maybe that was by design.

One former member of the church told Farrier that the emotional manipulation ran so deep, it extended into everyone’s pocketbooks. They weren’t just expected to tithe, which wouldn’t be unusual. Members were expected to donate 10% of their income, and 10% of the government-funded allowance they receive while studying, and 10% of all home sales, etc. The church also allegedly hired “interns” to handle a lot of its business… but those interns were overworked and exploited. You might think that means those interns are underpaid… or not paid at all. But many of them said they they basically paid out of pocket for the privilege of “serving” the church. One former intern said he had to pay about $2,500/year… in order to “volunteer” for the church. ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 16

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So deep that it extends into everyone's pocketbooks. Sounds sort of like Scientology.


One can hope they throw some people in prison and shut the church down.


Our horrible ex prime minister in Australia used to be involved with Hillsong. Brian Huston was his mentor.


Not surprising. Many religious ministers and priests use their "superiority authority" to mislead, abuse, and misuse people.


Religion poisons everything! Glad they are being exposed for the charlatans that they are!

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