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‘Forget about your worries or dying’
As Christianity rapidly declines, these religions are growing faster than ever.


xenoview 8 Aug 22

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The only reason why these religions have grown in Australia is because of migration. They too will decline when the population of migrants children get educated.


I am considering going to Buddhist group on meditation--I would not attend any type of group held by Hindus (too sexist) or Islam (sexist and sometimes violent).


I suppose people think they have to belong to something. Otherwise, I am not impressed.


Too bad. Non-believers should push harder for education, the antidote to religion's poison.

True, the theocrats are already doing their best to destroy public education, along with the greedy rich, who want to profit off it by privatizing it and making it so that all future schools are either for profit and available only to the rich, religious, or both....


American Christians are in decline and so is US lifespan. Where the average lifespan around the world has increased a great deal and religion has increased. I don't have an scientific explanation for this, other than nationalism is not socially bringing diversify people together and religion is. People relationships are more important than food. Nature is my religion, and the arts has been my center for relationships. Perhaps each individual must find their own tribe as humans are very social creatures, like dogs.

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