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LINK St. Louis Archdiocese chooses anti-LGBTQ bigotry over free school lunch

The Archdiocese of St. Louis has told leaders at all its Catholic schools to start charging kids for food, letting them know they should stop participating in the government’s National School Lunch Program which provides free meals to children across the country.

The reason? If they continue using those government funds, they might have to follow the government’s rules prohibiting anti-LGBTQ discrimination, and the Catholic Church believes perpetuating bigotry is more important than feeding kids.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch got ahold of a memo sent to Catholic school leaders in the area: ...

snytiger6 9 Sep 3

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That's truly sad and a load of crap from the Catholics.


Why are so many here upset about hungry kids in Catholic schools?

My father paid to send five kids to expensive RC schools and each day Mom gave me twenty five cents to buy lunch. My hobby was collecting postage stamps, and at school I paid a nickel for a bowl of mashed potatoes with gravy. I could spend twenty cents for stamps. In 1946 I had an almost complete set of the flags of the United Nations countries. First class postage was three cents.

He never told me he was also paying property taxes for public schools.


It amazes me that such a corrupt, reactionary, and outdated institution as the Catholic Church should exist for so long.

The guilt of sin and fear of hell. The rcc preys on it's followers.


Many years ago during a debate on the floor of Congress over federal funding of the school lunch program, where some against it argued it didn’t improve grades, a congress member replied thusly.

"I don't want feed hungry children so they get better grades. I want to feed them because they're hungry."

There have been many studies that show that hungry children cant' focus enough to learn well. And, that feeding them DOES improve grades and poerformance

@snytiger6 - I agree. The Congressperson was merely side-stepping that part of the argument so as not to get bogged down by it.


I hope the parents put their children in public school.


Catholicism wants obedient slaves.

Yeah, pretty much. Ever since it started the catholic church has taken the position that yu should never question church authority.


The song use to be :Can't buy me love:. Now
:Can't buy me lunch:.


So everyone losses.


Absolutely disgusting! Yes, bigotry is so much better than feeding hungry kids. Just imagine hungry and we do not want that LGBTQ kid to eat. God's all for it and Little Johnnie is praying "god keep them away from me."

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