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LINK Kenneth Copeland: Ending forced prayer in schools led to mass shootings

(I am sooo tired of religioud folks making spurious connections and attributing it either to religious beliefs if it is positive or a lack of religious beliefs if it is negative. They hate science because they know there are no actual causal relationships in their claims.)

On a recent broadcast of the show FlashPoint, televangelist Kenneth Copeland told host Greg Stephens that the school shootings that occur in the United States can be blamed entirely on the 1963 Supreme Court decision that removed mandatory Christian prayer from public schools.

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland aired an hour-long special last night asserting that school shootings can be blamed entirely on the 1963 SCOTUS decision removing prayer from public schools: "Now the devil's going in there and killing children in schools!" ...
snytiger6 9 Sep 11

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What a major face palm moment.


The mental defects of these people is astounding! Nothing to do with the easy availability of weapons of mass death within the past decade or more.


Ah, but the whole idea is to link school shootings to Christian demands. It's extortion, plain and simple. Comply with Nat-C demands (all of them) and maybe God will intervene to stop the killing.

Except that everyone knows that the Nat-C's detest education, and have a perpetual campaign to undermine or end learning and critical thinking.

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