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LINK The future of American religion? Christians will finally be in the minority

Back in 2015, the Pew Research Center released a landmark study about the changing religious landscape in America, and there was one graph in particular I still think about to this day. I’ve even used it in presentations I’ve given to various groups over the years.

It involved religious “switching” and showed that people were leaving Catholicism, Mainline Protestantism, and Historically Black Protestantism at a much faster rate than they were entering. Similarly, people were “joining” the ranks of the religiously unaffiliated much more frequently than they were exiting. (Evangelical Protestants were growing, too, but at a much slower rate.) ...

snytiger6 9 Sep 13

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It does not matter. In my area there is a group called Nhim. (In him) Not mainstream but supposedly "all about Jesus." It makes me wonder if they still take verses from Isaiah and pretend the verse was about the yet un-born Jesus. Yesterday I was in a hospital with writings on the wall claiming they are continuing the healing ministry of Jesus. Immediately I thought of mixing up mud and putting it in people's eyes.


About 65% of Americans find religion is very important in their live. I once remember that religion was at 85% in the US. A sharp drop in a short time. Federal politicians are at a even higher rate of the religious.


It's a positive trend in the long run, but in the short term it makes things volatile. Even a few years ago, people considered Roe vs. Wade settled law.


Even if Theists are in the minority, the minority can still hold power and rule over everyone.

It is possible, but the vote against amending the Kansas State constitution, so they could outlaw abortion shows that it is much harder for minorities to rule in a democracy. Kansas is well known for its very far right religious leaders and groups. There is even a book entitles "What's The Matter With Kansas?", which talks about that. However despite the religious extremism of the state, they still rejected the amendment. So, in a democracy, it is much more difficult for minorities to rule

I think that is why MAGA cultists are trying to overturn and undermine democracy. They want to rule, but cant' as long as democracy is in place.

@snytiger6 Kansas is just 1 out of 50 states and as you said, MAGA is doing their utmost to overturn and undermine democracy.


christians fear becoming the minority because christians knew what they did to minorities lol!


In some ways that makes them more unstable. It could be the factor which causes an earthquake. Good 😌 I think antiTheists should pounce.


I still fear that group of unaffiliated who, on paper, sounds encouraging, but their backgrounds still make them think and behave much like or even worse than the church bound evangelicals.


They won’t be missed.

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