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Do you ever wish you believed prayer worked?

My 37 year old daughter, in all likelihood, has cervical cancer. We haven't gotten the results of the biopsy yet, but the doctor wanted to do a biopsy just from looking at her cervix, so you know that can't be good. I've stayed stoic for three days, but I lost it tonight. She has 3 girls at home- 2 teenagers and a 9 year old- and a son in college. I'm trying really really hard to think positive, but it isn't working at the moment... I just kind of wish i could believe that praying would help!

JonnaBononna 7 Sep 18

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She finally heard from the doctor, and it's definitely cancer. Hopefully it's contained and a hysterectomy will take care of it. She's waiting to hear from the oncologist now.


I don't pray but I do wish a lot. Wishing also requires positive reinforcement and action tobe effective in any way.

Your post indicates to me that she has lots of positive reinforcement from her family including you.

I'm wishing for a negative results from the biopsy. If my wish does not come true I'm wishing for successful treatment. Research does indicate that early detection can lead to successful treatment.



It might make you feel better, like you are making a contribution. But it will have no influence on the outcome and will not change the treatment should it be cancer. Much better is just being there to support her and the kids should the results be cancer and allow the great progress man has made in treating these natural diseases hopefully lead to a positive outcome.
Sending positive thoughts your way! 🤗


Sorry to hear that. Hope she pulls through. Remember that the same all powerful entity that you would pray to also allowed the problem in the first place.

lerlo Level 8 Sep 18, 2022



Wow. I hope for the best outcome for her.


I know cancer can be the bone breaker 😟 ... as you know it's a damn long journey, sometimes truly frustrating and disappointing, full of doubt and helpless feeling.
I know those tears... been there! the only thing I can say is that all of them won't be from sadness, but from being happy and wondering.
Yes, Absolutely have to be Positive, not just about cancer treatments but about Humanity.

a close friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer ( stage 4 ), at the same age 37. She kicked cancer's ass successfully once. frankly, were truly rough days in every aspect... and we celebrated after the last chemotherapy..., after 4 years it activated again and metastasized to the spine bone, and hip... luckily found out at an early time and AGAIN fought and now it's stable and under control.
the great part was seeing Humanity and support from strangers. Not even emotionally, but financial support.
financially forced to ask for help from St. Joseph Church, their charity helped a lot, and later made a GoFundMe page and ppl. helped plenty like WOW, she was crying as I did for that help from random stranger ppl.

after all, today there are more effective controlling medicine and cures than before. and every day hearing great news about new ones.

the Truth is her Spirit and Mental situation have a huge effect and play a great role more than any treatment, so try to keep her and her children calm. being Patient and Positive is the key. Luckily she's young 🤗 Use What ever you can to make her calm and mentally stable; pet, faith, Weed/Hemp... etc.
I feel you 🤗😔... but have to accept and Fight with all power, it's not just her thing, you all are playing roles and are involved. Hopefully, you will Pass it successfully like so many cases , and will celebrate and remember these damn days just as a memory.
Keep your Hope High and don't forget all of you're Way Stronger than you can even imagine...

Diaco Level 7 Sep 18, 2022

I don't know if this will help you but I had cervical cancer about 35 years ago. It was treated once with cryosurgery and that was the end of it. I think this is why regular pap smears are so critical, in order to catch things like this early. Very best wishes to her.

The issue is the healthcare system. She had an abnormal pap a while back, and was supposed to have a LEEP done, but didn't because they didn't have the $400 it was going to cost to get it done. She was in school and they had 7 kids between them... then life happened I guess and she didn't think about it until she started having irregular bleeding... and here we are. No one should ever have to delay care because of money

@JonnaBononna Agreed. I lived in Canada for 37 years. With universal healthcare (which paid for my cryosurgery), there are no co-pays and you don't have to worry about whether you can afford treatment. You get the services you need within a triaged delivery system.

The Canadian insurance industry is still one of the most profitable industries without being able to offer health insurance. Anyone who opposes universal healthcare does not care about other people. Here's what I say to conservative religious people: are we our brother's keeper? Stops them dead in their tracks.


Maybe not, but modern medicine does work, often, have faith in that.


If she needs to believe that, it's fine. I'd be the happiest person in the work if prayer worked. It doesn't. Her doctors will take care of her.

She's not a believer either. I just wish for some magic to make it better!


This in no way will relieve your stress. But I've had a biopsy done from abnormal visual on pap. No positive tests.... as of yet. Try to keep a silver lining in your heart if or until. My thoughts are with you and your daughter. I think you've shared with the perfect community of supporters who will do what they're able to help. Please keep us posted. Best wishes.


Hemp/cannabis full spectrum oil might be effective...

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