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LINK This nightmare Christian father has horrible advice for raising good kids

In yet another example of Christian conservatives telling on themselves, Matt Kennedy, rector of Church of the Good Shepherd (an Anglican church) in New York and father of six, recently revealed his best child-rearing advice in a Twitter thread.

Kennedy measures his success by the fact that “none of them are in jail.” If that’s a joke, so be it, but his advice is a perfect example of how parents can traumatize their children without realizing it. ...

snytiger6 9 Oct 4

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And we wonder why we have so many tRump supporters in the country.


Guys like this deserve to have their children commit patricide.

Well, men like that are probably the reason for most patricides anyway.

Patricide happens much more frequently than I thought.

I see a significant possibility of that happening to him.


This is pretty much how my older brother raised his kids. 😒

Buck Level 7 Oct 4, 2022

I told him at one point when they were being home schooled that when they grew older they would develop their own beliefs. Of course he thought that notion was absurd….🤷🏻♂️

@Buck I wish that were true but that's not always the case.

@Lorajay More times than not it is. Even if they do carry the Bible, they still have developed their own “interpretation” of it….🤨


None of my entire family tree has been in jail.
I'm either have excellent genes or we are extremely lucky not running into the injustice system.

One of my brothers was arrested for DUI hit and run (he hit a parked car not a person) was/ios an alcoholic and drug addict, and later in his life he returned to the Mormon church, in which we had all been raised, and now acts all superior because of his religious beliefs. He still never even apologized for repeatedly stealing money from me when we were kids.

When I started putting my money in the bank as a kid, my brother actually complained that I was putting too much money in the bank.

He's my brother, but I'd never trust him or "loan" him money.


Yes, none of them are in jail. Then my 3 grandkids turned out to be dope dealers with the oldest one murdered 3 years ago, one in prison right now, and another who has been in prison twice. I don't think scaring them with god would have made any real difference.


If there weren’t fish in the ocean I’d tie him up to a short rope attached to an anchor.

It's beyond me, who would want to be a President.


This guy is totally fucking nuts! But most of these funnymentalists are! His kids will hate him once they are adults.

I am appalled at his catastrophic defects of personality.

Hate him or model their families like they were taught. Unfortunately it seems there is more of the latter.


A dictatorship in the home doesn't guarantee mentally healthy children, it is usually the opposite.

Betty Level 8 Oct 4, 2022

By reading his "rules", Matt Kennedy makes it perfectly clear that he is prepared to murder his children by means of triggering any lethal allergy that they may have. He is a monster.


Fear is not respect.


Such a fuckwad.

That’s an insult to Fuckwads everywhere!!?!🫢

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