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LINK Christian hate-preacher: Abortion doctors must be mutilated and murdered

In response to a viral campaign ad showing police arresting a woman who obtained an abortion, Christian hate-preacher Joe Jones said he hoped that hypothetical situation became a reality, adding that he wanted abortion doctors to be mutilated and executed.

The ad in question comes from Rep. Eric Swalwell of California. He depicted a future in which MAGA Republicans continue their attacks on abortion rights to the point where law enforcement officials come to a woman’s home and arrest her in front of her family. The video has over 3.7 million views on Twitter. ...

snytiger6 9 Nov 2

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Such an evil, hateful, insecure little man.




What gives the psychotic rabble the right to rule a womans body? Will these creatures financially support the children born that would have been aborted? will they raise them??
Abortion is not a procedure taken without good emotional and pressing reasons.
If anything should be burned it is these creatures that point the finger at humanity , not a being part of it, and not realising that for every finger pointed forward three point back to these said creatures

Kurtn Level 7 Nov 3, 2022

Nope their concern for preserving "life" ends at birth, after that, feeding the kids, surviving, paying their costs, is not their concern. The kid and their mother are on their own, as far as the Bible-thumpers are concerned.


Why is his clearly serious, sincere hate speech left up on You Tube, when just yesterday FB sent me a nastygram threatening me for having posted a joking meme about shooting Ted Cruz if he came to my door dressed as werewolf, which he was in the meme? They removed my post immediately, even tho I got it from here on Agnostic, and the poster on here got it from FB himself. Can you say double standard, even tho I am talking about two separate platforms? I thought you could...

Double standards seems to be the flavor of the day. A lot of it going around.

@Betty It is, but none of that makes it right...

@TomMcGiverin I agree. I sometimes wish I could just yell, STOP!


He should be confined and isolated in a secure psychiatric institution until he is no longer a danger to the public.

I like that better than the death penalty.

Give him the Chinese water torture.

@CuddyCruiser Why waste perfectly good water? 😉

@anglophone Ok…,..then tie his hands behind his back and string him up, that causes extreme chest pains, A Nazi torture method.


"Pro lifer" proving again it isn't about life at all.

It's all about revenge and domination, very Old Testament...


I’m saying it again.

Once again my support for the death penalty is coming back, especially for extremists who commit heinous acts.

You cannot change these subhumans, they are sick and deranged individuals.

I can't support the death penalty even though some may deserve it. It is too easy for it to be abused and has been in the past. With the atmosphere in the States right now I'm afraid it would be used and abused. Not worth the chance of innocent people being sent to death row.

@Betty I understand your POV and it’s all good. I agree it can be abused. But this is why IMO it should be used only for the most heinous crimes.

@CuddyCruiser Unless you're the one being accused and convicted unjustly.


The extreme right in our country has reached a very dangerous level of hatred and violence. I sincerely hope that enough right-minded people make it to the ballot boxes during this election to help sway our government into a more balanced, peaceful, and democratic direction.

The challenge is how to de-program the millions that are essentially cult members. If at the federal level the Ds have a majority it's a step in the right direction. Of equal concern should be the stare elections as some may get elected that will have a lot of power over upcoming elections including 2024.

That only happens if Dems win state elections and that's not looking likely in NV. If the Q'ers win The House, as well, then I think death of liberals accelerates going into 24. This will serve voter suppression going into the Presidential. My big question is when do Dems admit that our return to CW has already begun and start to fight back? When that happens the meltdown gets real.

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