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Another blue arrow Twit. Blame it on Musk?

Little golden books photoshop:

Snowden mocks ‘Russian bots’ trope []

FrayedBear 9 Nov 5

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Did Hillary write that book???

She hasn't got the skill


We don't think you're a Russian Bot, we think you're a Russian lapdog. I don't think bots have the capacity to say as horrible and objectionable of shit as you do yet. 🤣

"to say as horrible and objectionable of shit as you do" is a wonderful compliment.
Thank you sincerely @ChestRockfield for at long last telling me that the posts that I make are breaking through the delusion created by US indoctrination & propaganda supported by your ego.
Welcome to the world of reality.

@FrayedBear What I think is horrible and objectionable is your belief that women should die from pregnancy complications before they should be allowed to get an abortion. The Russia shit is just stupid.

@ChestRockfield Sounds like double murder to me but the numbers are miniscule compared to the numbers killed directly & indirectly by USA actions.
Try applying some perspective.

@FrayedBear That's like saying I'm fine with a few innocent people dying so I can kill a bunch of people who are mostly guilty. That's what makes you a shitty, awful person.

@ChestRockfield Could be a variant of Tourette’s Syndrome.

@ChestRockfield, @NostraDumbass sounds like US indoctrination, cognitive dissonance, delusion & #stupidity from my perspective.

@FrayedBear Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all make mistakes.

@FrayedBear I’m trying to help you. Don’t you want to get better?

@NostraDumbass help me avoid #stupid people - yes please do by not stalking me.

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