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The Multiple Personality Disorder of Herschel according to his book, wife and doctor.

The man is sick and it is documented. Are his supporters just as sick? Mental Illness should be treated, not exploited.

Mental illness is real and serious and deserves treatment but add head inuries on to that and you need a person under constant observation and not in the Senate.

Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder Paperback – Illustrated, January 13, 2009

Walker reportedly suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder, which Grossman claimed surfaced during their marriage.

She told ABC News in 2008 that she didn't know what Walker was going through at the time as he shifted from a football career to ballet and the military.

In Walker's tell-all book, Breaking Free, he revealed he suffers from a mental illness, but it wasn't until he saw a therapist that they could identify the problem.

Walker's therapist, Jerry Mungadze, told the outlet that he had met Walker's alternate personalities during their therapy sessions.

"They will come out and say, I am so-and-so. I'm here to tell you Herschel is not doing too good ... When he finishes, it would just disappear back in him, and Herschel comes out," Mungadze said.

Grossman recalled an incident while she was pregnant and claimed her then-husband told her: "Close the door. I am having bad thoughts. I am thinking I am going to hurt you."

We were talking and the next thing I knew, he just kind of raged and he got a gun and put it to my temple," she claimed.

She said she came to believe that it was one of Walker's alternate personalities who were in control during that moment.

"There was somebody there that was evil," she said.

Walker told the outlet he had no memory of the event, nor does he remember winning the Heisman Trophy in 1982.

Although he said he doesn't remember the events, Walker didn't deny doing it. "No, I don't remember that," he said, adding: "but I probably did it."

nogod4me 8 Nov 11

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I don't want to hear anything about John Fetterman's stroke being a disqualifier for office. Walker is a sick man emotionally, and is a danger to others.


He’s a damn sight better than the alternative. Hell his opponent is a preacher and a religious nut.

Walker calls himself a "warrior for god", is a serial liar, is seriously mentally ill and failed to raise his own children while identifying fatherlessness as a major problem in the black community. He is not qualified for the job.


@LovinLarge What in the hell do you think Warnock is. He’s a preacher of a radical progressive church and a left wing piece of crap!

@Trajan61 Sounds like a better choice than Walker by far then!

@Trajan61 But Warnock isn't mentally ill, isn't a serial liar, is educated and raised his own children.

@Trajan61 You have no dignity calling another human being that you don't even know "a piece of crap". Truly shameful conduct.


Why do Democrats feel a need to rescue the hypocrisy of the Right? I’m just fine with Walker being thought of as an asshole and leaving medical problems with anyone who cares about him.

Mmmmm....well....until his problems become other peoples' problems. As in...the pustule....redoux

@LucyLoohoo They yet may have.


Are we seeing the next O.J. Simpson here?


You do realize Walker is running against a man who makes his living talking about his imaginary friends in the sky?

BD66 Level 8 Nov 11, 2022

You do realize nobody gives a shit as long as he doesn't try to push his religion down others throats; especially, those disinterested. And as opposed to Walker, give us a break. Even someone with a peabrain has more intelligence than Walker.


Herschel Walker vs. Joe Biden in Jeopardy would be awesome!

So does the abortion hypocrite.

@BD66 More like you and Walker jeopardy!

@floWteiuQ I think I would do quite well against Biden and Walker. Here's the research that led to my PhD Thesis:


Here are my 35 patents:


@BD66 you're a legend in your own mind


>>The man is sick and it is documented. Are his supporters just as sick? Mental Illness should be treated, not exploited.

Most of his supporters could not care less about Walker's mental condition. They just want a Republican majority in the Senate. His #1 appeal by far is that he will vote the Republican party line rather than the Democratic Party Line.

That being said: Herschel Walker vs. Joe Biden in Jeopardy would be awesome!

BD66 Level 8 Nov 11, 2022
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