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Who does the idiot Trump think he is fooling? He knows that he cannot win another presidential campaign. His sole reasons for announcing that he a presidential candidate today are (1) tr try to prevent indictments of him from being handed down by claiming that th Justice Departments cannot interfere in a political campaign , and (2)to start amassing campaign funds which h will siphon off into his own finances.

wordywalt 9 Nov 15

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He lost by 3 million the first time, 8 million the second time, I think he is trying for the trifecta, losing in a landslide.


It's not over until the fat orange man sings his final tune. We got 2 yrs to go.. lot can happen between now & then. Just a matter of time..


There are and should be restriction on being allowed to be nominated especially for the highest post in the land. The crap narrowing that restriction is typical trumps grasping at straws. He announced this in Florida where DeSantos will also run and, fortunately (unfortunately) DeSantos is way ahead of idiotstick.


Trump running again is un-Constitutional, and proof the Country is gone.


there seems to be plenty of voters who want to be fooled, or want to be lied to. they are desparate to have their hate re-energized and there are plenty who are simply stupid. enough that he can make a buck and satisfy his ego for a while.


How much do you want to bet the DOJ will play into his hands, drop any pending indictment, and dump it on a special prosecuter.. FFS

I will accept that bet, if the terms are right.

@wordywalt ok... terms are a gentleman's bet. I will honor you by saying you were right and I was wrong; or, it comes from you.. ok?

@floWteiuQ Okay. How about $5.00?

@wordywalt I already answered the question.. .. now you're wasting my time.



Not sure why you think he can't win again...

This is Sarcasm, right? Noticed any trends in the mid-terms?

@AnneWimsey Unfortunately, it's not sarcasm. I think an off year without Trump actually on the ballot is a whole different animal. You're probably right though, when has underestimating Trump ever bit anyone in the ass...


It's worked for him so far. He's not in prison. And he seems to be living pretty well -- if you can call a diet soda/McDonald's diet living well.🤔

Until his diet kills him, which can't be too soon, IMO.


I don't think a political campaign can shield him. At least that's what I heard on MSNBC. Of course this jackass will do anything, and has done everything all his life, to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. UGH !!

I heard that too. Anyone can run for president, and it shouldn't give them immunity. I think he's in it for the cash haul, too. He found out his foray into politics is the most lucrative grift of all.

@Organist1. ABSOLUTELY !!!


Ummm, he's fooling 40% of the country that thinks he won the last time?

lerlo Level 8 Nov 15, 2022

He's in it for the money.

At this stage, I doubt that over 25 pcrcent are being fooled. I tink that another 10 percent know what he is doing, but condone that.

@wordywalt thanks for conceding the 35% haha

@lerlo That 30 to 35 percent is not new. Way back in 1958, in a paper I wote for a political science class, I estimated that the same perdentage of the population seemed to be governed by fear, ethnocentrim or bais, desire for white privilege, and hatreds.

@wordywalt it being old doesn't make it okay

@lerlo Agreed/

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