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CNN and Sky News journalists losing accreditation over reporting from Kherson
By order of the office of the office of the president of Ukraine
Ukraine’s parliamentary Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets also drew attention to the situation, calling the ban “unacceptable.”
Zelenskyy’s office is yet to comment on the situation.

No one knows why, but the ban came in to effect withing an hour of film from Kherson broad cast only on CNN and Sky news of victorious troops riding in to Kherson atop tanks doing this:-


LenHazell53 9 Nov 18

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Try Al Jazeera and Deutch Welle news to round some of this out. I watch news from all over the world.


All kinds of things can look like a a Nazi salute from the side. Despite that it's a well-known fact that part of Ukraine is faszist. Levinsky has no choice but to use those people if he wants to keep the country united.

I for one am glad he is resisting Putin's effort to reunite the old USSR. Does anyone else want Putin to win.


We should note that much of MAGA still side with Putin (After 70 years of condemning Communist Russia). Now that it's fascist, the evangelicals love Russia's cruelty.

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