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Barack Obama Shows What Fox News Destroyed in American Politics

President Obama is wise, funny and insightful in this interview by Trevor Noah. A delightful and fun conversation.

In an interview with “The Daily Show,” the former president recalled campaigning in rural, mainly conservative areas and still connecting with voters on a personal level, even though they were skeptical of his progressive ideas.

“There wasn’t the filter that has been created by Fox News or the media infrastructure, the right-wing conspiracy theory folks, and so they came at me with an open mind,” he told host Trevor Noah.

“I could listen to them and they could listen to me and at the end of the day, they might say, ‘Well he’s a little liberal for our taste, but we have something in common,’ ― like the love they have for their children,” Obama continued. “There was some sense of connection.”

“I think the filter now has become so thick,” he said. “It started with Fox News and some of the other traditional media, and now with social media that’s gotten turbocharged. If you go into those same communities now, they have so many preconceptions about what somebody like me believes, cares about, etc., that it’s very hard to penetrate.”

That’s why it’s important for people to try to break through their information bubbles, said Obama, including progressives, because “we have some preconceptions that bring barriers as well.”


LiterateHiker 9 Nov 18

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Unfortunately, more proof that freedom of speech need to be limited. Otherwise there will be no democracy and absolutely no freedom of speech.


It's good that Obama is trying to repair some 45s and flunkies damage. Of course it will take years or decade complete it all.


I watched the interview on youtube! It made me really miss those years with him in the WH.
There have been 2 years of repair and calm it's back to buckle up kiddies, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
As you experience over here in eastern WA there's seems to be no filter against fox and talk radio.


I think what most people miss is Fox News and all media in general are for profit business putting out a product. A lot of times their message is carefully crafted to draw in and keep engaged their targeted market (audience).........


I miss Obama. The actual Trevor Noah interview can be found on You Tube.


Of course Obama was clever, intelligent, witty, and caring. He was half Kenyan, and in my opinion we are wonderful. 😜


I am old enough to remember JFK and Jackie. I remember the term "Camelot" being used to describe what America perceived as the equivalent of royalty. I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and how we all breathed a sigh of relief when Intelligence and Common Sense prevailed over a darker, sinister plot. I remember the tragedy we all witnessed and the sorrow we felt as a nation. Yes, JFK had his faults, but what was important was his devotion to leadership and his compassion for the nation he served.
The Obamas brought back "Camelot" ... They carried themselves with dignity and empathy that has been lacking for so long. We didn't have the drama with the Obamas, it had to be manufactured by a hostile and vicious press. President Obama promised "Change". He delivered...more than we could have hoped for. His 8 years were monumental because he forged ahead with a vision of a country that grew up and faced its problems, rather than ignore them. The 4 years that followed his Presidency were...and still are...the "Dark Ages". We went from "Hope" to "Hell", and we are still faced with the possibility of continued "Dark Ages". The battle is far from over but if we learned anything from President Obama and his Graceful First Lady it is Patience, Perseverence, and Compassion.
Of the 13 Presidents that I remember...Obama and JFK were by far the best. Obama raised the bar. That is a distinction few can be attributed with.
I remember the first time I heard him speak...way back when he first introduced himself to the country...the very first day of the Primaries...I looked over at my oldest son and said..."there is our next President"...he looked at me and said, "WHAT?"...I said, "I am going on record...I am calling it right now". My kid got on board within 3 months.
I keep looking for that shining light for 2024...still hopeful.
We need another JFK...we need another Obama.

Very well said


I'm going to have to find this interview somewhere. Maybe on YouTube.


To watch the interview, page down the article to the link.

@LiterateHiker thank you! I just skimmed the text here. I have so many damn things to read ❤️🔥

@BitFlipper I KNOW! and then you find some interesting tidbit and when you crawl outta that rabbit hole . . . . . . I do love the access to all the info and knowledge but there are chores to do! 🙂


Miss him as our President.


I love President Obama's inelligence, eloquence, class, dignity, kindness and wit.


Obama deserved better than what American did for him. He is likely one of the most intelligent president's we've ever had. He has class and dignity that Donnie Boy will never attain.


I agree.

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