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Time spent together

In today's world of internet dating is video chat viewed as time spent together?

Unity 7 Dec 5

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I'd say so, as you would be chatting with a real person, even if it be from a distance. Can't relate to that too well myself as I've never been in a long distance relationship before.


Not really, in my book. To me, it is something to use intially to test for chemistry or positive vibe between two singles who either are too unavailable to meet in person for the first time, either due to distance or time commitments that are in the way, or, in the case of a long distance relationship with limited opportunities to meet up in person, it compensates for that. But so do and so can phone calls, this is just an enhancement of the old LD relationship phone calls, for the modern age. To me, after the couple have met in person and established a mutual interest and commitment to date, from then on, the video chatting is a pretty poor substitute for spending actual time together in the same place. It can be too artificial, compared to spending time together most of the time in the same location, and can lead to relationships dragging out while deteriorating while the couple grows apart, but is able to cover up and deflect from separation issues longer than they should.


I think so, particularly if distance is an issue. You have to be invested in setting time to be together and being focused on each other, similarly to making time for each other when you're physically together.


In a long distance relationship, yes.

I think so too.


I use Zoom a lot for work, so I have a general negative opinion of it. If you and the person you are meeting with get satisfaction by all means enjoy whether it’s a date or just a friendly chat.

I always feel negatively about online communication compared to in person, face to face, which is much more emotionally satisfying and clearer communication, esp. compared to text messages, whether phone style or e-mails. Even phone voice calls are much clearer, more rewarding, satisfying communication. But if what you care most about these days, like most people is convenience and efficiency, which I don't but most do, then the phone texting is the best. Why I won't get a smartphone or learn to text, besides being too clumsy...

I actually agree with Garban there, with the exception that I don't use nor ever have to use a service like Zoom. Chatting in person would always be a preference for me, but if video chatting works for you then by all means go for it. Sites like this function similar to video chatting sites/apps, and guess a case could be made that all of us on here are engaged in digital chats of the sorts, minus the video part of course.


I would say yes, to a degree.


I think it does. Especially if there is distance involved, I've always enjoyed chatting on the phone and with the video option available it's really great. I'm applying my thoughts on this in respect to family members on the east coast.


I’d say it does.


Not being on COVID lockdown, I would say no. Unless there is a distance/free time issue. Then maybe.


Phone calls and texts are good but they don't count as time spent together. Video chats are no different.


To me, YES it is.

Diaco Level 7 Dec 5, 2022
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