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LINK Nonreligious voters gave Democrats crucial wins. Will people notice?

That means Secular Americans helped tipped the scales to Democrats in extremely close races. Without their support, the Republicans and their Christian base would have upended politics in several swing states while enforcing religious extremism in others.

🆖 Proving to be a winning strategy. I say to kill religion while it's got a foot in the grave😵

rainmanjr 8 Dec 8

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I think they'll mostly take us for granted like racial minorities, "vote for us and we'll murder fewer of you" isn't great but it beats the alternative.


This might be a good point to share with our democratic elected officials in a reminder that they don't have to mention "God" in every speech.


I think true religious teachers/pastors/congregants prefer to Emphasize separation of church & state, just as Jesus did. ("Caeser's things" ) and fear "other" religious groups gaining ascendancy over them....they can easily see how pushy some are, and anathematic.


Good as this is, religion will not die. It will likely one day be in the minority. There’s always going to be faithfools in some form or another.

No harm in aiming for the heart.


I think this is a very good trend.

Young people in their 20s came out big time. The same will likely happen even more so in 2024.

@CuddyCruiser More turn 18 every day.

@rainmanjr Very true……it’s beginning to look like midterms will be high turnout going forward.

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