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What was your most memorable birthday ever?

Mine was my 40th. A teacher friend made me a cake in the of a women's buns with pink frosting. All the staff at school wore black armbands. I got hassled a lot. It was great!

tioteo 8 Apr 30

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My 16th. Two parties merged into one insane festival in a nicer local neighborhood. Wild. Ha!


It was my 24th birthday, I was in the Army back in the States again, stationed at Ft. Knox KY, I took my first solo flight in 150 cassna cub single engine plane. My wife took a movie of it with a 8mm movie camera. I told her If I crashed, then try to sell the flim to the news. I didn't crash.


I turned 14 on the last day of school, on the hottest day of the year, and we had no air conditioning at the time. The thermometer hit 105 and when I got home, my mother told me that she was sorry, but it was so hot, she didn't want to turn the oven on to bake me a cake, so would I mind if we celebrated the next day. I said no, even though I was a little disappointed, and we cooked outside and invited a few of my friends over anyway.

After supper, she asked if I would bring out a game for us to play, and when I came back into the room, she had made a cake with ice cream in the middle and had everyone singing Happy Birthday, and I broke down and cried, because I was so touched that she had cooked for me on such a hot day.


My 19th birthday, Army basic training. Gas chamber day.


The ones I spent travelling. One I spent in London, another in Paris.

azyre Level 2 Apr 30, 2018

My 29th birthday. I bought tickets to Muse ( was on my bucket list since I was 12). Flew to Philly for three days by myself and had a total blast.


Birthdays have never been a source of great hoo-ha.
Each is good though as it may be my/your last.


Last July I turned 69...the last year I can say "I am in my 60's".
In lieu of gifts, I had the guests bring balloons, and tied them all around my big deck. Some of them lasted for over 2 weeks! Made me smile every time i looked out from the kitchen, going to do it again this year! I got all the food from Big Y, it was BYOB, so easy for everybody!


21st birthday. That was my golden birthday. There are a lot of bars in Wisconsin and even more back then. We did what was called the "Lake Run". This was stopping at every bar around Pewaukee Lake. I was not driving but back then the drinking and driving laws were pretty lax. Asking for a plastic to go cup was SOP. Was hoping to drink 21 mixed drinks, I didn't and still don't like beer. I kept the drink mixing sticks, 19 at the end of the night. Might of had a shot or two also.


My 40th--my friends gave me a surprise party--all my kids were there--an ex gave me 40 long stemmed red roses--it was great


A Gentleman will never tell no matter the decades passed.


14th. No one showed up to my party.

That sucks. Sorry to hear that. I hope you have had a lot better ones after that.

That's horrible...i feel bad...i would have been there and we would be married by now because you would really like me for showing up. I think...

@Purplefan2 Who knows! I imagine that's how many high school sweethearts start.


I suppose when I was born.
It was certainly memorable for my mother and father (I'm an only child) but I don't remember a damned thing!

Athos Level 5 Apr 30, 2018

They have always been just a day.


Birthday number 7. I was a kid growing up on a farm, but I had ... other interests. The problem was, I had no way of pursuing any of them. Uncle Leroy brought home something he had picked up in France while on leave just before being sent home to be discharged. It was a Zeiss-Jenna telescope with a custom mount designed and built by an astronomer who lived in Paris. I'm sure that instrument changed the course of my life.

Wow! Lucky you!


Always the last one and hoping it was worst than the next


I can't even remember my phone number....really l can't, and l have had it for two years. ?

"What's your cell number ?"
"I don't know"
"You don't know your number ?"
" wull I never call myself"

@Slappy_Longarms Exactly!


They seem to get better in my late 40's the best part is my twins appreciate me. The love from your kids seems to be better then any material item that you could ever get.

Yes. Yes!


My birthday was a week ago so probably that one. I don't do very much for my birthday since I was a teenager. This year I saw A Quiet Place and Rampage at my local theaters for free.

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