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LINK Kirk Cameron is still telling lies to boost sales of his new Christian book

Kirk Cameron is still spreading lies to publicize his new book, with his latest attempt at relevance taking place at the Indianapolis Public Library.

I mentioned earlier this month that Cameron, the Christian evangelist and former TV star, was claiming libraries were censoring him despite welcoming drag queens and hosting LGBTQ-friendly events.

Cameron’s publishers at Brave Books told the FOX propaganda outlet that they reached out to 50 public libraries to see if they would sponsor events in which Cameron would read his book to kids. They all said no—which was perfectly fine since they’re under no obligation to host every event request they receive—but several pointed out that Cameron was free to rent out space in their buildings.

I didn’t think he would ever do that because there’s no victimhood in renting out space. It’s much easier to claim you’ve been rejected.

On Thursday, however, his team went ahead and rented space from the Indianapolis Public Library and hosted their own event. It brought in plenty of people, which wasn’t a surprise since, if you’re looking for FOX-loving Christians, Indianapolis offers plenty of options.

snytiger6 9 Dec 31

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Haven't seen him since his "way of the master" deal with Ray Comfort where they would teach people to witness by getting folks to admit they were sinners because they committed a sin against god and were destin to hell if they didn't repent. Typical problem/reaction/solution or Hegelian Dialectic mumbo jumbo they say the evil folks use. They just never seemed to touch on all the unauthored texts (such as matt/Mark/Luke), all the commandments broken by Yahweh who was just one of many other gods since early Christians were polytheists, the lack of condemnation by god in the original adam/eve story, and dozens of other things that Atheists seem to know more about than most lifetime Christians. Every control system (Religion, Medical Industry, Big Pharma, Government, Political party, etc) is selling something...I'm just not buying any of it 🙂


I suspect he has always been this way even before he became Christian. He lies but what he is doing is promoting his book.


Ha. fox loving Christians, in Indianapolis . 😆.
Kirks crew all seem happy . Then so did Jim Jones followers.

Far more intelligent people than I firmly belive in a divine creator.. Noahs ark Muhammad slicing the moon in two . Passover revenge of the frogs..all that mystical shit.
Baffling it is... bizarre . . if im wrong , well
". What you been up to the last few thousand year's there God ?? . sir .
Shits getting bad at home.don't you think "

Its obviously just me but , imagine if
your only 8. & your being encouraged by your parents. To slide dollar bills into the G-string of a large sweaty gay man dressed as a woman as he bumps you continuously with his bum. Why ?
" Didn't we pay when we came in .?

l get 5 $. for a week of chores . Ive just given someone Twice that for being annoying. "Give me anymore money Mum , ts going in my pocket."." & you , put some trousers on there's children present..""

But again thats just me . Elderly codgers defence.
Its different times. Cannot deny the success they've had . They're popping up everywhere. Supply demand at work . capitalism 101. If it wasn't popular it wouldn't survive.


What did you expect? That he was suddenly going to clean up his act? Hahaha 😂😂😂


If he didn't lie so much places might host him. I'm sure some churches would host him.


If the event was free (and I lived in the area), that dog and pony show might have been fun to attend.

I’m thinking we have two different definitions of fun…..🤨

@Buck - I look at it like being a cultural anthropologist of sorts. What is he promoting and how is his audience responding? Who knows, maybe he'd wind up converting me. 😆


Don't be surprised.

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