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POLL Tesla Reports 1.31 Million Deliveries in 2022, Growth of 40% Over Last Year --- CNBC

900K sold outside USA. 400K in United States. Half in US are fleet sales 100K on West Coast. I don't know anybody who has one. I rarely ever see one on the street. Where are all the Teslas? Does anybody in this site own one? An EV isn't practical for me, so I will stick to internal combustion vehicle. If it's becomes the law, I will buy any EV other than Tesla.

If you have an automobile Do you own??

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barjoe 9 Jan 3

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my friend has a hybrid Prius, 6 years old now, never a problem and 50+ mpg....more in summer, slightly less in cold weather, and about the same price as any car.

I would gladly buy one of those because they don't have to be plugged in. Great cars!


I see them around from time to time in my neighborhood. One of my neighbors has two electric vehicles, neither a Tesla. One is KIA the other Volkswagen.

I never see them in Philly, except for Ubers, they have a Tesla fleet program.

@barjoe It's tough in the cities for the reason you mentioned, on street parking, lack of charging stations. If you don't have a garage, I wouldn't even consider one.

@Barnie2years Urban areas are exactly where lower emissions are most needed.

@barjoe it is a conundrum!


I have two internal combustion vehicles. A little 4 cylinder Mitsubishi for crappy weather and a 600hp Cobra Convertible for when it's nice out!

There are numerous people at my work with Teslas. You can find out who they are by the fact that they never stop talking about their Teslas.

Where do you live? I don't know anybody who has one and I never see them.

@barjoe Cleveland area. There are TONS of them here. I see multiple every time I drive somewhere.

@barjoe Happened to look up on the off ramp in my way home, and boom, another Tesla.


I would have a plug-in electric car if I could afford one.

There are no charging stations in my area and I park on the street so a plug in EV is not possible for me. Chevy Bolt is the cheapest car you can get with federal tax credit.

@barjoe Federal tax credit?? Say more.

@barjoe I think you will eventually see some charging stations near you. In Norway there's free charging when you go to the grocery store or the mall! Biden had some funding for charging stations in his infrastructure bill as well as tax credits for purchasing an electric vehicle.

@Lorajay I'll be dead by the time they're built. I don't drive that much, my car passes emissions and I don't need an electric car to have a small carbon footprint. This isn't Norway, nothing is free here.

@Lorajay, @ChestRockfield [].

@barjoe I have a friend that has one of the first Chevy Volts ever made and it's still humming right along. She only has about a 7 mi commute so she never buys gas.

@Lorajay The Volt was a modified plugin hybrid. Bolt is fully EV with 285 mile range.

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