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LINK Report: 188 Catholic clergy members in Kansas are alleged predators

A four-year investigation into Kansas’ Catholic churches has found 188 alleged predators suspected of committing “aggravated criminal sodomy, rape, aggravated indecent liberties with a child and aggravated sexual battery.”

The report also says there were 400 victims of sexual abuse in the Kansas archdioceses since 1950, but in most of those cases, either the clergy member has died or the statute of limitations has long expired.

The [Kansas Bureau of Investigation] originally focused on reports of clergy sexual abuse in the state’s four Roman Catholic dioceses — Wichita, Salina, Dodge City and Kansas City, Kansas. It later expanded to include the <strong>Society</strong> of St. Pius X, a breakaway Catholic group known for its traditional Latin Mass with a large branch in St. Marys in northeast Kansas.

Some of the victims withheld vital information from investigators because they said they had signed non-disclosure agreements. In many cases, the report said, Church leaders failed to report allegations of abuse to law enforcement, failed to keep records of those allegations, and failed to conduct thorough internal investigations.

And, just as you’d suspect, there were instances where accused priests were merely shuffled to another parish while remaining on the Church’s payroll.

snytiger6 9 Jan 9

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Why is that a surprise???

Back in November the pope had all Catholic dioceses in the US and Canada redeposit all monies and funding to the Vatican Bank for dispersement as needed!!!

Hence any catholic diocese will have no money for any legal judgements against them and can declare bankruptcy to avoid any payments awarded to victims!!!


If you check into all of this it's not just the Catholics. Sexual activity seems to be around in all religions and it often is about sexual abuse. Catholics come in more as buggers maybe because they fear it would be more wrong if priests were abusing young girls. It's the old "marriage is man and woman" thing and the priest is married to god. Protestants have men abusing boys too but mostly they go for little girls. Another thing that stands out to me on this is all of the people that want to be religious who somehow believe that "anal sex is not real sex." More of these around than you think. Not just the now dead Travis Alexander. What others miss here is the trauma that the victim goes through. Doing the act and then trying to hide the trauma is the great crime. Not against your mythical god but against humanity.

I agree. Sexual predators can be found in target rich environments and that includes institutions and organizations where their preferred prey attend.
Abuse changes a person, effects their ability to trust, their self-worth, and their identity.

Yes. It is an issue in almost every, if not all, religions. It is just a matter of how successful they are at keeping it from getting out.


It just goes on and on, doesn't it? 🤬

And the Pope and his ilk keep doing bugger all about it.


Why am I totally unsurprised?

What annoys me is that Predators of Rome are still being allowed to get away with perpetrating such evil.

They have been protected for centuries. That is why I do not believe that most priests/members of clergy believe that god exists cause if they did they would be terrified of god's wrath. They are predator's living/working and protected in a target rich environment.


Surprise fucking surprise...smfh


I have to ask, what in the world is going on with your posts that some paragraphs go across the page making it unreadable? As for the Catholic's, I am not in the least surprised by this story. The church has been getting away with this shit for centuries.


Business as usual for them.


Kansas is predominantly protestant or else the numbers would be even higher. Of course I assume abuse committed by preachers and other members of the clergy is sky high.

Predators of all kinds seek out target rich environments. Governments and law enforcement know this yet they are protected and the vulnerable people pay the price.


They all need to be locked up and the churches shutdown. Sale all the churches properties and give the money to the victims.


Another HUUUUGE Surprise eh???!!!

When you think about every state besides this one, The numbers are likely Tens of thousands. But at least religions now are declining, and will likely continue to do so.

The thing about religions is they are like a virus. You may be able to get it under control but it will always rear its ugly head when conditions are favorable.


The Satanic church has to stand in AWE of the Catholic Church for damage done. Christians moan about Satanic church and it doesn’t hold a candle to the catholic church

And look at how many ‘infernal’ names are in the satanic bible.

Lucifer, Belial, Satan, Baphomet, Sammael, Beherit, Behemoth are only a few. Cool Guys too!! Lol.

@CuddyCruiser Hail Satan!

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