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LINK Alex Jones Accuses Piers Morgan of 'Mind Control' in Contentious Interview

Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones accused British broadcaster Piers Morgan of engaging in "mind control" during a contentious interview that ended abruptly.

Following a roughly 30-minute argument, Morgan called Jones "utterly contemptible" before ending their discussion in an interview released on Thursday. Jones accused Morgan of attempting to "put things into [his] mouth" during the exchange, urging viewers to visit his website for "the truth" before protesting that he was not allowed to discuss topics such as "the new world order" and "the global government."

"Don't let Piers mind-control you," Jones said as Morgan admonished him for promoting falsehoods that harmed the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims.

Last year, courts ordered Jones to pay nearly $1.5 billion to families of the Sandy Hook victims for promoting conspiracy theories that included false claims that the mass shooting was staged.

"When those poor families were going through the most excruciating pain of their lives, you took a massive amount of fuel and you poured it on the bonfire of their pain," Morgan said as Jones talked over him in protest. "That is the bottom line with you, Alex."

"You deliberately spun a pack of lies designed to make the families of Sandy Hook suffer worse pain," he continued. "And that, I'm afraid, for all your shouting and all your blather, is utterly contemptible."

Jones then snapped and angrily pointed at the screen while accusing Morgan of being against "freedom" and England of being "Islamic" and arresting people opposed to "transgenderism."

"Hey, you're never gonna get our First Amendment!" Jones shouted. "I'm glad you had to move back to England to live under your Islamic takeover, and when they're arresting people for being against transgenderism. You don't want freedom, Piers."

The interview ended abruptly after Morgan accused Jones of "losing the plot."

"You lied, you said we'd come on and ... don't be a liar," Jones said as he was being cut off.

The interview was shared to the Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube channel on the 10-year anniversary of Morgan interviewing Jones on CNN. The older interview featured the duo arguing about Sandy Hook and Jones warning Morgan that "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms."

snytiger6 9 Jan 13

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Jones is an absolute nut case. He is so caught up in promoting conspiracies and maintaining his followers that he has lost his marbles.

Betty Level 8 Jan 13, 2023

Alex Jones is delusional and a psychopath. He is also extremely dangerous.


The two of them are both big piles of human excrement.


Alex Who? some broke guy off the streets, i guess, musta been a slow news day..........


“A mind is a terrible thing …” — Dinner for Schmucks


Alex Jones accusing someone of mind control? I guess that shows how weak minded Jones and his ilk are. Anyone that allows anyone, much less Morgan to control their minds is a special kind of fool.


Neither of them are worth the space they inhabit. I would never watch either one, let alone both. What a waste of time.

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