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LINK Trump COMMITS New FELONY with ATTACK on Jack Smith - YouTube

Trump went on the Mark Levin radio show and made some despicable, and likely criminal, comments about Special Counsel Jack Smith. MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 14

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He thinks by thumbing his ugly nose or giving his little finger at others will make them go away. It may piss them off and vow revenge, which in this case will be a good thing for the country.


i got over, Soooo over, thinking "he can't go any lower" about 3+ years ago, and even with that i still get ugly-surprised. sigh


I'm glad to see Ben thinks trump personally is gonna be charged. So far garland ain't done shit. So far no consequences regarding anything he has said.
The damage trump did to the volunteer election workers has yet to be addressed. He destroyed those women's lives and put them in danger.
He's still invited on these shows to continue spewing his vitriol.


And as usual, nothing will happen to him about it.

One of the slipperiest of snake oil salesmen. Trump has gotten away with so much and I agree, nothing will happen to make him accountable.

@Betty yes but I take a broader view, namely that the corrupt political, legal, and financial systems of America allow rich people there to get away with just about anything. He is just the most obvious example of it. All the Hollywood propaganda TV and movies, as well the corrupt mainstream news media, no longer conceals this truth from the world.

@David1955 I very much agree with you. The corruption has always been there but underground and in smaller numbers/groups. There was a time that a scandal would ruin careers and political asperations. Now it is blatant and unapologetic. Societies acceptance of it make it easier for opportunists to get their foot on the ladder and the public allow it.

@Betty If Bernie Madoff can go to prison for massive fraud, Trump can go up for trying to pervert the whole system. He says the quiet part WAY too loud.


He sinks lower every day. There is no amount of money that will sufficiently compensate Jack Smith for the abuse he will have to endure. I'm surprised they found anyone willing to take the job. I wonder why he did and I bet he'll regret it by the end. People should not be abused for simply performing a necessary task.


Prosecute Trumpty already..geez.


Whatever it takes to get him in prison or exiled. I'm good with either.


I can't help saying it again, Trump's perp walk will be a pleasure to see. Supermax is waiting!

I can see the Rethuglicans exploding with gunfire and fury when Swampy McSwampy is finally sent to jail.

@anglophone Most of them are fickle but you are correct about the die hard supporters.

@anglophone As far as I'm concerned, anyone who condones Trump's conduct is seriously fucked up and if they step outside of the law they should be swiftly prosecuted to its fullest extent.

@anglophone Hopefully, there will be enough cells for them as well. Just as criminal.

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