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This particular screenshot is from an article i saw on Facebook. In the comments people were conflicted on if the dad had even done anything wrong. So i decided to ask this godless community to see how much we differ as a group. Im personally going to leave my opinion out for the time being.

Are people who harm child molesters vigilantes or are they doing a public service?

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Tejas 8 Mar 12

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If you have reason to believe that someone is stalking you or a member of your family then it is a matter that needs to be reported to the police, let the law deal with it.


If it's not in self-defense, it's vigilantism. Not sure if anyone is dumb enough to think that killing someone we think is going to do something wrong is a defensible policy. Personally, I think people that wear MAGA hats are going to destroy our democracy with treasonous acts (which carry the death penalty, whereas child molestation does not), should I be allowed to murder them?

Given your recent comment history, you wish all conservatives would die but give pedophiles a break. Gross

@Tejas You misunderstand. I would love it if all pedophiles would die right along with all conservatives. Hell, a lot of those two demographics overlap. There's a big difference between wishing people dead (which, in reality, does absolutely nothing) and supporting a policy that allows citizens to kill each other based on their feelings. Didn't think you were so dumb you couldn't figure out the difference between those on your own, but I guess you are...

Look at me, I thought I had zero faith in mankind, yet I still gave you more credit than you deserved. Am I a secret optimist? 😝

@ChestRockfield I read this and wonder how on earth you can still be single and searching well into your forties. Oh wait I know why cause you're a shit person and everyone sees it.

@Tejas You're just salty because I owned your bitch ass. Again.

@ChestRockfield you backed down from defending pedophiles. I'd hardly consider you owning anything other than a fleshlight.

@Tejas You're the slimy motherfucker that defends pedophiles like that preacher; I clearly said I hope they die. I'm just not a dumb fuck like you that thinks we should all be allowed to kill each other with impunity based on our feelings.


Harm is one thing, a bit sick. If a family member kills or castrates the perpetrator of one of their own.............they shouldn't even face charges

puff Level 8 Mar 13, 2023

I don’t always kill people,

But when I do,

I prefer the satisfying thud of
moose antlers.

skado Level 9 Mar 13, 2023

If someone was stalking my daughter, I would put a restraining order on that person! To take matters into my own hands, would be a different story, I would restrain myself from harming the individual. I don't know if that person would harm or kill me and then what would happen to my daughter after that!


Note how most of those who voted for the vigilante option are usually the same ones who believe all police departments across the country should be defunded, which in turn begs the question that if one were to believe that father was wrong and also the police are a problem and should not be called, what exactly would they consider to be a reasonable alternative then? Just sit back and become a victim, and just hope to survive the ordeal? That's pretty much the only other option, and it's neither a sane or rational one at that.


The phrase β€œhe claims was stalking his daughter” jumped out at me right away. What if his claim is inaccurate, a misperception on his part? Best let the authorities deal with it, because even if he’s right, harassment of a minor, despicable as it is, is still not deserving of the death penalty.

I agree. To be fair though the man killed was convicted in the past of sex crimes with a child.



Because something is a crime doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. Could you elaborate?


I wouldn't use the words "public servant", but perhaps doing that as a form of self defense. In the particular case above, it appears the father did what he did out of genuine concern for his daughter whom he believed to be in danger, and pedophiles can and have murdered children after they were done abusing their victims, and that father didn't want to risk his daughter being the next such victim.


Either accused or convicted, I would lean on the side of letting legal justice prevail. Of course, if someone is stalking my child, I will do what it takes to prevent tragedy.


I'd say we're lacking way too many details to make an informed decision.

I'm asking just in general, but I'll take that answer

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