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If you've ever seen a beautiful little film called Never Rarely Sometime Always, about two PA teenage cousins who travel to NY for one of them to seek an abortion. It brought miserable old me to tears. This law would put those two girls in prison. Religious Right are monsters

barjoe 9 Mar 28

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It's typical that the bill's cosponsor, who claims she is doing it because of her "passion for parental rights," doesn't see the irony of then refusing to allow parents the right to obtain gender re-assignment treatment for their children. They don't even try to make sense anymore.

A while ago I heard an NPR show about physicians in Idaho and how this has turned their treatment options upside-down because pregnant (or possibly pregnant) women also need treated for other ailments, but the fear of inadvertently causing a miscarriage - and being criminally charged for it - has resulted in ERs and hospital systems sending sick women home instead of treating them. Legal departments are called in for standard medical care to assess the risk, and won't let treatment occur on hospital property for even a 10% assessed risk. A lot of physicians are already moving out of Idaho, and I can't blame them. It's fucking barbaric.


Gee, and here i am thinking freedom to travel is a fundamental american right, like they told me in grammar school Civics Classes

That was the whole reason we used to drive to New York State when I was in high school, the drinking age was 18 up there. 😂

@Barnie2years We used to drive to Jersey to drink. Of course we always also drove back. Less than sober. Banning that might even make sense being a public safety issue.


Who is going to report the 2 girls for going to NY for an abortion? This someone needs proof the person was pregnant, they need proof where the abortion took place. In NY they don't use names, they use numbers so no one can be ID'd. Learned from experience.


Hypocritical Republicans would put you in jail (some want life in prison) for denying another human to be born but once the birth happens the child is own its own. This is all about control and the possibility of having another future GOP voter. There is no way they can maintain this as being a religious move.


I lived in Idaho briefly. Now that I look back, maybe it's not a bad thing that Californians are moving in and taking over. When the governor goes on the news bragging about having the lowest wages in the region and at the time president Bush 2 got infuriated about the roads, maybe it's time the Morons... Oops Mormons get the hell out of the way.


Saw the movie. This will be so much worse in so many more states.

Pennsylvania law is tame by comparison. It was a beautiful film imo.

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