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Christian Nationalists use that book to justify their so-called morality. That is a book that should be banned as far as I am concerned. Florida is banning the wrong books.

noworry28 8 Mar 28

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I don't support the banning of any book. Age restrictions to a point, but no ban whatsoever.


Banning the Bible would just give it more credence. File it in the library under adult fiction, someplace between Assholes and Butt nuggets.


Only you are responsible for your thoughts and deeds......that includes how you interpret whats in any book. The book doesn't make ya do a damn thing.


🙏🏼 Amen

Buck Level 7 Mar 29, 2023

While I would love to agree with you I have to say that no books should be banned or burned. You cannot ban the wrong books. My take of book banning is that it is a control issue. The Christian Nationalists fall right in with this and hope everyone will see it their way. I simply cannot. Is the bible a bad book? It should be in libraries in a fictional location along with other books about Thor, Zeus, etc.

Yes I posted that comment out of anger a bit. No books should be banned. Christians only read a small portion of that book and ignore the rest, which is full of contradictions and immoral ideas.


It is the fact that it can be used to justify almost anything, that is the source of its popularity. Whatever you want to justify, you can find help there, because it is so muddled as to have no consistent meaning, and therefore it is the book for everyone, especially the evil of intent.

The book of multiple choice.


What??? Ban a book full of murder, incest, and a family floating around for two months on a barge full of animals and nothing but time on their hands???

The barge full of people and animals floated around much longer than 2 months according to the fictitious story.

You and I are both wrong. 40 days and nights are not two months. But I am curious about what you have been told.

@BOBdammit See ho this sets with you. The 40 days and nights was only the time that it rained.


My mistake. I was never very good at following the babble.


These christofascists need to ban the book they are always referring too, these maga death cult members just do not have a clue what it actually evokes!!!

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