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LINK Happy Days are Here Again!

We have an agnostic/humanist discord page. I thought I'd post something. I hope you all will at least set up a profile just in case this page dies. I'm new to Discord. @Anglophone set up this server. Here is the server link.

barjoe 9 Mar 31

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it sent me 5 mandatory Captchas before i gave up........


It had me going around in circles too, but after about the 5th password reset, it worked. it worked.

@barjoe that worked and it turned out i was registered, it just got hung up on sending me pix of 'dogs on t-shirts' i guess. my assigned name is apparently annewimsey0041...there are 40 more of me? alrighty then!


It is asking me for an invite link.

What's your username?

@barjoe On Discord, it's Fit60something.

Invited link. Copy it and paste. []

@barjoe That worked. Thank you.

@Fit50something I'm just learning myself.


What will it do for us?

My video is to make people laugh, maybe. The Discord channel is to maintain friendships because this page has been without an admin for a couple years. One day it'll just be a broken link. Some people will join and some won't.


What makes you think this page might die?

Read above ∆∆∆∆∆∆

@barjoe what video?

@Flyingsaucesir the video I posted on discord I found a link on YouTube I posted it below.


At the risk of sounding like a dumb ass, what is it?

The link is to a Agnostic/Humanist Discord channel. Discord is a social media app, you might have to install. The post is a video. Satirical.


Well, that's nice. I have a discord account, and now I'll use it for more than just software problem reports.


I just made an account there.

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