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LINK Happy Days are Here Again!

We have an agnostic/humanist discord page. I thought I'd post something. I hope you all will at least set up a profile just in case this page dies. I'm new to Discord. @Anglophone set up this server. Here is the server link.

barjoe 9 Mar 31

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it sent me 5 mandatory Captchas before i gave up........


It had me going around in circles too, but after about the 5th password reset, it worked. it worked.

@barjoe that worked and it turned out i was registered, it just got hung up on sending me pix of 'dogs on t-shirts' i guess. my assigned name is apparently annewimsey0041...there are 40 more of me? alrighty then!


It is asking me for an invite link.

What's your username?

@barjoe On Discord, it's Fit60something.

Invited link. Copy it and paste. []

@barjoe That worked. Thank you.

@Fit50something I'm just learning myself.


I logged into my never used discord account and clicked the link above. This is all I get:

I'm kind of new to it myself. What's your username on Discord?

@barjoe It's Oldmetalhead#9680

@OldMetalHead Invite link []

@barjoe Cool. I joined.


What will it do for us?

My video is to make people laugh, maybe. The Discord channel is to maintain friendships because this page has been without an admin for a couple years. One day it'll just be a broken link. Some people will join and some won't.


What makes you think this page might die?

Read above ∆∆∆∆∆∆

@barjoe what video?

@Flyingsaucesir the video I posted on discord I found a link on YouTube I posted it below.


At the risk of sounding like a dumb ass, what is it?

The link is to a Agnostic/Humanist Discord channel. Discord is a social media app, you might have to install. The post is a video. Satirical.


Well, that's nice. I have a discord account, and now I'll use it for more than just software problem reports.


I just made an account there.

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