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LINK Pope May End Celibacy Requirements & Nebraska Lawmaker Filibusters Anti-Trans Bill | The Daily Show - YouTube

Poking fun at the possible end of a 1,000 year old religious tradition...

snytiger6 9 May 25

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To some extent, the RC church has already partially ended the celibacy rule. With such a lack of priests, they've allowed already married and ordained clergy to convert from certain protestant sects.

Not sure how much celibacy there was, they just have always diddled little children and those nuns habits of ages ago hid many sins and there are mass graves of little babies.


Just not a natural state. How can a person who has never had any human relationship have any understanding of the tensions of a spouse hanging out with an opposite sex best friend.
A three year old that can projectile vomit at will. A 16 year old that deliberately drove the car through the back wall of the garage.


Tired of paying out for molestion of children....needs motivation for hetro sexual priest to enter the clergy. And as more and more leave religion, even more changes will be comming. Trying to hold on........desperately


If this happens the clergy can then get their own personal alter boy.

More like an ‘Altered’ boy.

Well at least he would be required to be 18 I guess….🤔


It is a completely unnatural thing to ask of a human being.

But of course like so much of religion estabishes guilt if even thought. A means of control.....

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